Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 - 90 Days Trial Free Download

One of the popular security software, Kaspersky has released its 2012 version of Internet Security with innovative and custom protection from complex threats. Life today is not secure as internet threats are evolving in more number and we have to protect our private information, to stay in safe place. Kaspersky provides a high-end security in the case of online banking and shopping, protecting against hackers, intruders, spam, private theft.

You can download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 90 days trial for free. Kaspersky's German version has providing a giveaway serial key which you can use it for English version to activate 3 month subscription. Follow the below steps, on how to get Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 90 days trial version for free.

(Note: This is limited offer and if the offer period expires, this site is not responsible for it.)

1) If you want to download KIS 2012 German version, visit the "FACEBOOK FAN PAGE" and click on "LIKE" and download the German setup file.
3) For English version, Download the English version of KIS 2012 and use the below activation code or serial key.


(Note: The above activation works only for new installations, not on already installed KIS 2012. So, if you have had KIS 2012 installed in your computer, uninstall it first, and then follow the above steps to activate.)


Previously, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has many bugs, resulting in slow installation. KIS 2012 had fixed and now it makes a smooth and fast installation compared to all its versions. KIS 2012 requires a reboot to activate all its features and options.


Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 has a new Interface which is easy for navigation and differentiated with informative icons. The basic colors are kept to Green, White and Gray, but the arrangement of options and icons are changed and it looks more better compared to its previous versions.


Kaspersky is known for its innovative and advanced performance, though the scan & boot times are a bit slow.

Quick Scan - 3 to 8 min
Full Scan - 1 hr 32 min
Boot Time - 50 seconds
Shut Down Time - 18 seconds

  • Hybrid Protection, popularly called as Cloud-based detection Network.
  • Real-time Defense Protection against hackers, viruses, identity theft and spam.
  • Safe Run Sandbox - Scanning the threats before they activate or access your private information.
  • Secure Online Shopping and Banking.
  • Secure Social Networking.
  • Advanced Parental Controls for your child safety.
  • User-friendly Interface and Desktop Security Gadget.
  • File Advisor - Checks file's reputation.
  • System Watcher - Renovate System Log to undo the changes or damages caused by any malware.
  • Network Monitor - Displays Real-Time Traffic of your computer.
  • Internet Explorer Security Analyzer for Windows Xp and IE8 Bugs.
  • Virtual Keyword to hide away from Keyloggers.
  • Quick Scan and Full Scan.
  • Safety checks for websites, files, documents and applications.
You can also download the 30 day trial of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from below download link and follow the above process to activate 90 days of KIS 2012.


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    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    5 Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing Experience

    Chrome Extensions are getting more and more popular in 2011 with its very simple integration and advanced web store. You can get number of extensions from Chrome Web Store which make our requirements fulfill more easily and effectively. And regarding the browsing and searching, you will have to obtain handful of chrome extensions to make surfing more better and useful. Lets discuss 5 Chrome Extensions for better browsing experience.

    1. AdBlock Plus:

    Thought of a simple and powerful extension to block or stop unnecessary ads or flash from websites, AdBlock Plus is very successful in doing this. AdBlock Plus is a strong chrome extension which prevents from showing unwanted ads, making internet browsing more clutter-free.

    2. Google Mail Checker:

    This is a small and useful chrome extension which help in checking Google Mail messages. This add-on displays how many unread Google messages are there in Gmail. Click the icon to check the unread messages.

    3. Facebook Photo Zoom:

    Facebook Photo Zoom is a very useful extension for regular Facebook users. View or Zoom Photos/Images on Facebook whenever you hover over a image. This have been very popular since its release and many users have rated this as the best extension for Facebook.

    4. Smooth Gestures:

    Quickly navigate through web pages using the mouse or keyboard using Smooth Gestures. As the name suggests, Smooth Gestures is a trigger application for trigger events like web page navigation or tab management. There are some keyword shortcuts and mouse triggering events like click-drag, click-scroll, etc to make specific action.

    5. Click & Clean:

    Click & Clean deletes your browsing history like urls typed, cookies, download history, Cache, temporary files, etc. Useful extension to protect your private information from getting exposed to hackers by cleaning up all the online activities you've done in chrome.

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    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 Download for Windows

    AVG is providing a free edition of Antivirus 2012 version for free with best features, options, improved performance, faster scans, stunning user interface. AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 offers high quality basic security for your computer like browsing, social networking, etc. With its modern Protective Cloud Technology, AVG removes those viruses which are residing in your PC for a long time.

    AVG Antivirus is known as one of the popular protection suite, since many years, and it is improving the performance and features whenever a new version of Antivirus or Internet Security or Basic Edition is released. AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 is the latest version delivered with many changes and improvements.


    AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 takes less than 5 minutes to Download & Install. Installation screens has been reduced from 13 to 5 since it is consuming more time. Close all sorts of programs at the time of Installation, especially don't open internet browsers. AVG's Security Toolbar and Secure Search default search engine are optional settings you could choose.

    No serial or activation key is required as this is a Free Edition with basic protection. You can opt for a 30-day trial version of AVG Antivirus which offers more features to Free Edition.


    Few changes are done to this latest version, but the performance and usability is improved a lot. Remaining parts of the Interface is much similar to AVG Antivirus 2011, so the users who are adapted to the prior could use this AVG Antivirus Free Edition more effectively and easily.

    Just one click is required to Fix the repairs & errors and for updates. Security Component Icons and Settings are arranged quite cleanly for easy navigation.


    2012 Free Edition of AVG Antivirus has amended a lot and said to be the best Performance-oriented security suite developed. Shut Down Time and Boot Time has been decreased compared its last years. On the other hand, Scanning takes very less time to process, both for moderate and deeper scan.


    As this is a Free Edition, AVG Antivirus offers best protection when you are surfing, searching internet and at the time of social networking. Lets look at some of the best features of AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012.
    • Improved AVG LinkScanner Tool for dynamic protection against increasing threat rate.
    • AVG Accelerator option - Optimizes and speeds up the internet connection. Works only on YouTube and
    • AVG Advisor or Browser Monitoring Tool - track the consuming memory of internet browsers and it shows alert or pop-up when the memory is increased.
    • Smart Scanning - Scans all files at once and re-scanning is done only if behavior detection is changed.
    • System Resource Manager - Prioritizes and Schedules Scan. It takes very less resources to run the manager, not consuming more memory.
    • PC Analyzer - Scans and removes registry & disk errors.
    • Firewall and Anti-Spam Protection Tool.
    To get more features and specifications of AVG, upgrade to paid version which gives you advanced options for PC security. This antivirus software is supported in Windows 7, Xp and Vista operating systems. You can download AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 for free from below download link. It downloads a small installation file. Running this file redirects you to for completion of the rest.


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    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Internet Download Manager v6.07 - High Speed Download Accelerator

    As far your PC is considered, there should be some internet download manager to handle all your downloads easily and efficiently. Internet Download Manager is one this kind which is the most used download manager and accelerator since many years. And presently IDM ranks no.2 in Download Managers (according to CNET website review).

    IDM's latest version v6.07 has been released recently and it is recommended to try this software which works on Windows platforms. Let us look at some short review about IDM software and hope it understand better.

    Short Review:

    Internet Download Manager is a PC tool, called as Download Manager and Accelerator, which can speed up your downloads to 5 times. The main use of IDM is to resume, schedule and organize the downloads simply and actively. IDM can download any number of files and documents simultaneously without being crashed or suspended. You don't have to worry when a download gets stuck or goes unnoticed. IDM has the ability to resume the download for broken links which is caused by network disconnections or power fluctuations.

    New version IDM v6.07 build 15 fixes all those important bugs like browser integration and now it supports Firefox 9.

    Browser's Supported for Integration: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN, Opera, Avant Browser, Safari and many others. You can set the integration with its "Advanced Browser Integration" option.

    IDM Features:

    • A Quick and Easy Installation Process.
    • You can Schedule the downloads. Specify time interval between each download.
    • Download huge files and in bulk, simultaneously.
    • With just one click, IDM catches download and will be forwarded for acceleration.
    • Simply "Drag & Drop" files to IDM and start downloading.
    • Accelerates download up to 5 times (depending upon your internet connection speed). Speeds up the download taking available connections.
    • Resume or Pause Downloads even after system crash or network failure or power fluctuations.
    • You can Download Youtube videos as well as MySpace and Google Video in FLV format with a browser addon says to "Download This Video". This is addon is integration to browser after Installation.
    • Download Images, Video, part of website links or complete website links to browse offline.
    • Organizes the downloads and puts them in specific folders created, known as Download Classification or Segmentation.
    • You can enable Automatic Antivirus check for the downloaded files. Supports all top PC antivirus.
    • Advanced Browser Integration.
    • A Simple Interface for easy navigation to travel through different options and features.
    • You can set the download limit to how many files IDM can download at a time.
    • Enable Automatic Update Feature(Recommended) for new and advanced versions.
    • Supports HTTP, HTTPS and MMS protocols.
    • Supports Proxy Servers like Microsoft ISA and FTP.
    • IDM is multilingual and supports all major languages.

      Summing up all the above features and review, IDM is a must have download manager and accelerator in your PC. IDM gives a 30-day trial subscription with limited but flexible features. You can get more improved features with full version which has to be upgraded.

      Download Internet Download Manager v6.07 build 15 30-day trial version from below download link which redirects to IDM's official site.


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      Monday, November 21, 2011

      3 SEO Tools that fasten SEO tasks

      SEO is always a tedious task, if we do it manually. Some Automation Tools are needed to make your task easy, simple and faster. The following 3 SEO tools belongs to this category. Lets take a brief look at them.

      1. SpeedSEO - Rescue Time-consuming SEO Tasks

      SpeedSEO is an amazing task automation tool for SEO to saves lot of time. This is a great tool for SEO tasks that eat up most the time. The interface is built simple and graceful, easily understandable for both naive and experienced users.

      SpeedSEO does have four major features:

      Competitor Analyzer - Searches who are your website competitors and what keywords they use which rank high for them. This makes a solid foundation for your SEO tasks.

      Website Optimizer - Makes a detailed report of what areas your website needs to be analyzed and specifies what should be fixed.

      Backlink Analyzer - Get brief report of competitor backlinks like From they got their backlinks, What keywords they used as anchor texts, their Page Rank.

      Rank Tracker - Prepares a report of your website rankings for many keywords of your choice.

      2. Blog Comment Poster - Faster than Ever

      Post Comments on several blogs faster and easier than ever with "Blog Comment Poster". You don't have to search blogs manually to post comments. This software economize your time and effort from doing that. This SEO tool also shows the Alexa Rank, PageRank of Blog home page and its individual blog posts. So, that you can know kind of traffic and popularity they are getting.

      3. Fast Blog Finder - Blog Commenting Now Easy

      With Fast Blog Finder, a user can prepare a list of blogs where comments can be posted for backlinks. Unless, you make any link building or get backlinks, your website will never come up on the top of search results.
      • You can get most relevant blogs for your keywords.
      • You can post comments to those blogs directly from this software.
      • Know which type of blog you are commenting, whether it is NoFollow, DoFollow, Mixed. Determine more DoFollow blogs, which can produce quality to your website.
      • Know the PageRank of Home page and its individual pages or posts.
      • You can also fill the default comment to comment form.
      • Check submitted blogs whether they are approved or not.
      • Filter duplicate blogs from the report or list.
      • Skip posts or pages where you can login or register. This is important when you are using auto-submit or auto-fill option.
      • Load your own list of blogs for commenting.
      • Submit comments to social media sites.
      • You can block or blacklist the websites which are not relevant or junk or having adult content.

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      Friday, November 18, 2011

      Download Norton Internet Security 2012 90 days Free Trail

      If you want to protect your PC against Internet threats and hacking and sruf the Web without the fear of cyber crime, then Norton Internet Security would be one of the best choices you have. Norton Internet Security is the web software that increases the security without reducing the system performance. Norton has released 2012 version of Internet Security software, which mainly concentrates on preserving the details of your online shopping, banking, and social networking account & updates.

      Symantec has been releasing 90-day trial version along with 30-day subscription, since many years. You can Download Norton Internet Security 2012 90 days trial version software for free. Before that we gonna look at its Interface, Installation procedure, Features and the affecting performance.


      Norton Internet Security prior versions have lazy and inactive installation. But it offers a smooth and rapid installation process in 2012 version. Takes less than a minute to install. During this operation, Norton asks to send anonymous data to Symantec's cloud, which is optional and would not affect your security and performance.

      A registration program is required enroll the trial version, whether you'd download 30-day or 90-day trail version. The complete process happens in the same installation screen not forcing to open your default browser for registration purpose.


      Norton Internet Security 2012 has added very minor changes to its Interface, but reminds you the theme of its previous version - Norton Internet Security 2011. Offers an unsophisticated layout placing Scans on the left, Updates in the center and Advanced tools on the right.  Summing up, 2012 interface feels more simple, balanced and evenly distributed tools and options.


      Without a solid performance, any internet security software is useless. Norton Internet Security doesn't  get placed in this list. Lets look at some basic performance reports.

      Quick Scan - 2 minutes, 43 seconds
      Full Scan - 1 hour 43 minutes and 54 seconds
      Boot Time - 11.8 seconds


      There aren't many new features added to 2012 version, but a new user who wants their system to be more secure gets amazed with its features and performance. Lets look at some of the basic features which are changed a bit in this new version.

      Download Insight Tool - Takes care of the downloaded information and data looking for more stability. The interface of this module is simple and plain.

      Identity Safe - Has been improved a lot. The style and interface of this feature remembers of Last-Pass Password Manager.

      Reputation-based Security module called "Norton's System Insight" inspects the programs during and after the installation. Gives you bit extra system performance.

      Norton Safe Web
      - An addon or extension is integrated to your default browser, whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, checking what websites have secure information.

      Finally, to get all these excellent features, options and tools, download Norton Internet Security 2012 90-day trial version soon. Make this happen as quickly as possible, 'coz the 90- day subscription may be limited period. The below download links will redirect to two possible downloads - 30-day and 90-day trial.

      90-Day Trial 30-Day Trail

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      Sunday, October 30, 2011

      YoWindow - Desktop Weather Widget and Screensaver

      Looking at beautiful and aesthetically pleasing weather, clouds from your home window, feels more relaxed and peaceful. When it comes to the PC, you want the same restful environment which would make you composed. YoWindow is one of the major Desktop Weather Software developed mainly to present lovely landscapes and updated forecast information.

      This PC tool acts as both desktop widget and screensaver offering 3-day forecast and one animated landscape for free edition. You can download this amazing software for free. But before, we gonna look briefly at its performance and features, which makes this tool #1 in Weather Softwares.

      YoWindow is weather widget and desktop tool offers best forecast data we've ever seen. When it comes to YoWindow installation, its easy to setup and fun to use.
      1. Immediately after running YoWindow, it suggests for a city name anywhere in the world, a background image, an attractive village landscape that will depicts current conditions.
      2. A virtual reality phenomenon is produced to you as the Sun rises in the east and sets as west. Other weather appearances are represented with animations.
      3. Lesser number of background images seems not good although the development team is working on more backgrounds.
      4. Users can add their own pictures as background images. Set your picture or avatar in background and it appears like you're in the rainfall, or at the time of sun-rise and sun-set.
      5. This program displays attractive and stylish graphics with a detail knowledge about the current conditions and even for rest of week days.

      Finally, YoWindow is worth trying innovative software to inspect the forecast and watching the changing weather conditions. For free users, only 3-day forecast and two favorite locations is offered. Download YoWindow for free or upgrade to full version. Full version provides with more advanced features and options.


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      Tuesday, October 25, 2011

      Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Check your PC can run Windows 7

      Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is software which could help in identifying whether you can run Windows 7 in your PC or not. It scans the operating system files and finds out if your PC meets your requirements by sending a report.

      The report contains all the information about how to install and upgrade to Windows 7, compatibility issues, guidance, etc. This software is provided by Microsoft company and comes for free.

      To run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, you should install Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and it supports major Windows platforms like Windows 7, Windows Xp SP 2, Vista. Download this software for free from


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      Friday, October 7, 2011

      DeskScapes - Redesign Your Desktop Wallpapers

      Got bored of looking at routine desktop wallpapers on your system? Want to change it, animate it, redesign it, recolor it? DeskScapes brings your wallpaper to life. Using DeskScapes you can create animated wallpapers with real-time effects.

      DeskScapes uses Windows Vista's 3D hardware acceleration software to produce fresh and photorealistic images or wallpapers in the .Dream file extension. There are many tools that can create animated and special effects to images, but DeskScapes does it better than any other application.

      Find out what DeskScapes can do?

      You can generate animated wallpapers for your Windows Desktop. Supports the use of .DREAM files, WMV and MPEG videos to produce animated ones. Even a person who doesn't know how to use 3D applications can produce simple and innovative animated images. You must save in .dream format inorder to apply to your desktop.

      • Apply over 40 effects to your wallpaper like image blur, black & white, inverted, canvas texture, right vision, pop art, sepia, animated snow and many more.
      • Strech image or video which fits the resolution of your system monitor.
      • Recolor the existing wallpapers.
      • With Random wallpaper option, for every day, hour or 10 minutes, a new(random) wallpaper is shown without you manually changing it.

      A tabbed section will help you to create and apply effects to wallpapers of your choice, easily. A large preview area will assist you to look at how the desktop is going to be before applying the effects.

      You can download DeskScapes for free. But with a premium version of DeskScapes, you can get upgrade to Object Desktop which can offer more tools and options if you are an experienced user. DeskScapes is supported in Windows platforms like Xp, Vista and 7.

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      Tuesday, October 4, 2011

      Norton Antivirus 2012 90 days Trail Version Free Download

      Norton Antivirus 2011 version has produced high impact on your PC security, removing advanced viruses, spyware, malware, etc. It's time now for 2012 version Antivirus software which includes most of it's previous version security features and high-end performance.

      What makes this latest version special is, it offers 90-day subscription for free without any charges. You can download Norton Antivirus 2012 90 days trial version for free without any extra costs.

      Norton Antivirus 2012 has come with small modifications over its prior version. Lets look at some of the features and brief information about how Installation is done, how does it appear, Performance, etc.


      Norton Antivirus 2012 offers you with smooth and speedy Installation taking less than a minute. Installation includes interaction(survery-like) with Norton's new behaviour-based detection engine which will send the ongoing data and performance reports to Symantec's Cloud that would not affect your protection levels.


      As said earlier, Norton Antivirus 2012 comes with little changes in its Interface. A "pinnable" Advanced Settings screen that boost users to get about their business faster - pulls information to System Status Indicator. Better than former version, Norton 2012 Antivirus make you feel more easier and simpler to navigate.


      An Antivirus would be effective only if it has substantial performance and Norton Antivirus 2012 delivers peak execution and standards. Quick Scan would be completed in less than 3 minutes and Full Scan in 1 hour 40 minutes which less than last year's average. Lets look at performance reports taken by CNET lab's benchmarks.

      New Features:

      • A Customizable Control Center to choose simplified screen or the traditional view.
      • Norton Recovery Tools to remove old struck viruses and threats in your PC.
      • Bandwidth Management restrict background processes, updates and downloads, showing less impact on system's performance.
      • Download Insight 2.0 tells to download firmly without any internal threats to inject in your system from third-party installers.

      Download Norton Antivirus 2012 90-day trial or 30-day subscription. Or you can get this amazing antivirus software for $39.99. You can download from below links which moves to Norton's product page.

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      Monday, October 3, 2011

      Fences - Customize Your Desktop Icons

      Fence - used to protect or surround our house with a wood or something like a wall from outsiders or animals to pass into. Similar to that, we can separate or make a boundary across desktop icons we choose. To make it simple, you can categorize icons on desktop. You can drag and drop desktop icons on them.

      Fences is simple and innovative PC tool which can make your desktop workspace more accessible and enhanced. We customize all files and documents by copying them to folders. In the same way, Fences gives users to organize desktop icons which includes shortcuts, files, folders, etc.

      Fences can be customized manually of your choice or automatically depending upon some criteria. You can even resize the fence, change its color, hide them, etc.

      • Create unlimited fences.
      • Double-click to hide/show desktop icons.
      • Change color and opacity of fences.
      • Store fences on different locations for different monitor configurations.
      • Integrates or fits with any Operating System (Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Windows Vista).

      The above features are available only for free version. If you upgrade to premium version, you can get more options to access for just $19.95. Fences stands #1 in Desktop Customization Tools. Get more information about features and downloading this Fences software for free from below link.


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      Saturday, July 30, 2011

      Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Speed Optimization Tool

      There are too many download accelerators available these days and one cannot conclude that particular thing is best and popular. Download Accelerator Plus (shortly called as DAP) is one of the most popularly used download accelerator and manager. It speeds up download of files, videos and other applications.

      SpeedBit is the software publisher which has made DAP and it also contains products like Video Accelerator (for Windows and Mac), Video Downloader and SpeedOptimizer. DAP not only download files, but has features like powerful security and privacy. It downloads only particular files which are safer to your computer. Firefox and Google Chrome are the two major browsers which has DAP as their add-on and with this extension the download process will be more manageable.

      DAP has a unique and advanced download security option, which integrates with your installed PC Antivirus or Security programs and checks the downloadable and downloaded files for protection. You can set download and upload speed limit, output source, resume option, etc after the installation process is completed.

      DAP provides a privilege for downloading different files (video, audio, compressed, executable programs, etc) to different sections or categories or folders. You can set a blacklist for sites that you never want to download from. Lets look at some features of Download Accelerator Plus.

      • Download files by splitting them to smaller pieces.
      • Searches for secure and safer mirrors which makes your download speed more faster.
      • Supported browsers - Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
      • Prevents ups and downs of video streaming or buffering.
      • Never installs unnecessary toolbars or email recommendations.
      • Accelerates download speed upto 200 percent.

      Watch video on how to use Download Accelerator Plus:


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      Sunday, June 19, 2011

      3D Bowling - Realistic Android Game

      3D Bowling is the most realistic and exciting game to play on Android mobile phones. Its the leading 3D bowling game now stunning effects. Latest version 1.2 has added a new feature called App2SD function for android 2.1 and higher versions.

      How To Play:
      • Drag the ball to specific position i.e., right or left to throw.
      • Flick the ball with your finger to bowl.
      • Amazing 3D Effects.
      • Detailed Stats Tracking.
      • 3D Physics Engine for Real-Time Action.
      • 5 Outrageous bowling scene.

      Download 3D Bowling game at


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      Tuesday, June 14, 2011

      Internet Download Manager v6.05 - Best Download Accelerator

      Internet Download Manager is the fastest download manager and accelerator available now in the market. It organizes, schedule, resume your downloads. It accelerates the download speed upto than 5 times the normal the speed, depending upon your Internet connection.
      Internet Download Manager can be embedded or integrated or used as a plugin for browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera. It can download flash videos from live streaming sites like Youtube, MySpaceTV, etc. You can also download or grab all the links, images, videos or even the entire website, if you want for offline browsing.

      IDM software has rated #2 in download managers presently. It automatically sorts incoming files by file type and places in specific folder. If your internet connection speed is considerably more, then IDM increases the download speed upto 200%. Limit the number of connections, change the download speeds for specific websites, and you can even block those sites which are not relevant to you or contain malicious content, links, videos, images, etc.

      Coming to its Installation, IDM has got less installation steps and very easy to download and use it. But, you have to set some options that are must to increase and optimize the downloads.

      • Doubles your Download Speed.
      • Automatic Virus Checking for the downloaded files.
      • Ability to download all or specific images, links, videos or whole website for offline use.
      • New version of IDM includes Web Analyzer that can get complete links (like images, etc) from a website and download them.
      • FLV Grabber, that can retrieve videos from Youtube, MetaCafe, etc.

      Download Internet Download Manager for free at or IDM's website.


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      Sunday, June 5, 2011

      BitDefender Total Security 2011 Free Download

      Looking for a complete protection package for your computer which includes security features like Antivirus, Firewall, Tune-up, AntiSpam, Chat & File Encryption, File Shredder and Performance Optimizer then, BitDefender Total Security 2011 brings you the ultimate experience. It is build with creative featured Advanced Security PLUS PC Optimization.

      BitDefender Total Security is an amazing PC tool which protects your system from latest viruses, spyware, phishing and identity-theft attacks. Its a strong PC protection software competing with best internet security tools available in the market.


      First of all, BitDefender's Installation will detect any other security programs you have installed and leaves an option for you to uninstall them. BitDefender may nor function properly if they are not uninstalled. It has a basic setup which takes 4-5 minutes and has customizable option for deeper control of features.


      BitDefender Total Security 2011 has three different Interface views - Basic, Intermediate and Expert(can be changes during Installation). You can switch to these views whenever you want.
      Basic(Restrictive) - Accessing features not shown by Default.
      Intermediate(Complex) - Configurable Tools and Quick Access to most commonly used features.
      Expert(Useful and Advanced) - Easy to find the security category you are looking for.


      • Antivirus, Anti-Malware Detection, Phishing protection, Spam Guard, Chat Encryption, Firewall, Performance Optimizer, File Encryption and Online Backup.
      • Intelligent Multiple and Deep Scanning.
      • Search Advisor, warns you when opening malicious Web sites.
      • Regular Security Updates.
      • Enhanced Parental Controls to monitor child's activity.
      • Streamlined Installation.
      • Appealing Interface.
      • Spyware Warnings.
      • Personalized User Experience.
      • Video Tutorials to Guidance. 
      • Advanced Security PLUS PC Optimization.

      • Installation consumes more time about 4 minutes and 23 seconds.
      • Intelligent and Fast Scanning.
      • Doesn't impact on System's Shutdown time which is very impressive.
      • Multi-tasking Performance.
      BitDefender gives you 24x7 professional technical support. Download BitDefender Total Security 2011 30-day Trial Version for free or get it for $44.99.

      BitDefender Total Security 2011

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      Wednesday, June 1, 2011

      Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever Free Download For PC

      Not much introduction needed to this game. A very old classical game which most of the children like to play in their childhood - Mario. Its so fun playing this game with excitement and joy. What makes Mario great classic game is its user-friendly approach towards guiding through various levels, crossing numerous barriers and monsters to save improsined Princess Peach from Evil Dragon Koopa or Bowser.

      Now the remake version of this PC game, Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever has been released by Mario Softendo Mario Software Comapany. Much the same features as old one - pleasant music in the background, impressive levels, etc. The new version has more advanced & smoother graphics and algorithms, compared to original mario.

      Super Mario 3 also released free Mini Mario Games like like Mario Minix, Super Mario Starman Running, Mario Goomba Party, Mario Funny tanks and more.


      • 8 different worlds, numerous monsters and barriers, etc.
      • More advanced graphics algorithms which are upgraded in this latest version.
      • Ability to save your game, branded new enemies and bonuses.
      • Impressive game but takes much processor time.
      • Ability to change keyword controls or disable the sound or music effects.
      • Play in Operating Systems - Windows 98, Xp, 2000, 2003, server 2008 Vista, 7 and even NT

      For more information about feature-set and download option, you can visit

      Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

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      Wednesday, May 25, 2011

      MobStac - Create Mobile Version of Your Website

      Now-a-days, there is an increase in people using mobile internet. If you want to advertise or get traffic from that mobile users, then Mobstac is the best source for you. MobStac makes your Website mobile friendly thus giving a secondary traffic root.

      There's no doubt that many Web apps are offering decent service to make your website mobile friendly, but MobStac from Mobilemotion (Bengaluru based startup company) looks very auspicious.

      How MobStac Works:

      Mobilize - MobStac is HTML5 enabled with enhanced experience. Maintain database through various Content Management System's(CMS) like drupal, joomla, blogger and wordpress. Impel user experience across every mobile and tablet device.

      Customize - Style your mobile site with many themes and capability to edit CSS. Organize content by navigating through proper menus and links. Use your own sub-domain to serve mobile site. Supports Video Streaming on all smartphones.

      Engage - Get more traffic by Search Engine and Social Media Optimization. And also with two-way commenting powered by Disqus.

      Monetize - Advertise with Ad Networks, Custom Ads and Enterprise Ad Server.

      Track - Analyze your mobile site visitors, how, when and from where there are coming from using MobStac Analytics or Google Analytics.

      Get more information on MobStac Site.


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      Sunday, May 1, 2011

      Piwik - Open Souce Web Analytics SEO Tool

      Piwik is an amazing SEO tool for those who really wanted to know how visitors are coming to their website. Piwik is a Free, Open Source (GPL Licensed) downloadable Web Analytics software program. It is a best and popular Web Analytics software, alternative to Google Analytics.

      Piwik runs in PHP MySQL platform, that you can download and install on your web server. It takes five minutes to install and at the end a Javascript code will be given which is to be pasted on websites you wish to track(or use a Piwik plugin).

      You can check who are visiting your page, why, how and when. Similar to Google Analytics, you can set goals and track conversions.

       Why use Piwik:

      • Get Real Time Web Analytics Reports with detailed information.
      • Powerful Piwik Analytics API allows to access your website Analytics database.
      • Easy to navigate User Interface with fully customized dashboard.
      • Built-in Plugins, New Features, Drag and Drop Widgets.
      • Vibrant International Open Community.


      • Access Unlimited Websites, create users with permission to view or adminstrate more than one website.
      • Available in more than 40 languages.
      • Real Time Visitor Log shows you all visits, views, keywords, Custom Variables, and many more.
      • Open Source (GPL Licensed) Real Time software.
      Get more information on Piwik in website.


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      Friday, April 29, 2011

      Panda Cloud Antivirus Version 1.4 Free Download

      Panda Cloud Antivirus releases its latest version 1.4 which delivers the next evolution of Anti-Malware technology. As all know Panda Antivirus is cloud-based, developed by PandaLabs that is connected to their Online Collective Intelligence Servers to protect against various malware and malicious programs.

      What does Latest Version Contain:

      • New Notification System.
      • Easy to Navigate Toolbar.
      • URL Filtering Compatibility with IE 9 and Firefox 4.
      • GUI Scan Progress Window.
      • Fixes in Translation Strings.

      Panda Cloud Antivirus has reputed as powerful security suite vendor making it an effective alternative to the security powerhouses. Cloud Antivirus works the same way other Antivirus Solutions do offering a Quick Scan and a Custom Scan, but its inner features are exceptional. It opts out of automatic threat management.

      • Quick Scan, Custom Scan.
      • Filter Threat Report by All, Last 24 hours, Last Week, or Last Month.
      • Recycle Bin pane from which you can recover a false positive, if you need it.
        Clean User Interface, better compared to its previous versions.
      • Less Impact on System's Performance.
        Very Less Boot Time.
      • Less Impact on Computer Start-Up Time.
      • Runs at 15MB of RAM when idle and 60MB when scanning.
      • Great choice for NetBook users.


      • Comes with 30-day trial. Save 20% when you upgrade to Panda Antivirus Pro ($23.95).
      • Version - 1.4
      • Operating Systems - Windows XP 32-bit  |  Windows Vista 32-bit, 64-bit  |   Windows 7 32-bit, 64-bi
      • File Size (Installer File) - 301.24K

      Download the first ever Free Antivirus Software from the Cloud - Panda Cloud Antivirus Version 1.4 for free at

      Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.4

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      Thursday, April 14, 2011

      Norton Internet Security 2011 Free 90 days Trial OEM License

      Symantec introduced Internet Security Suite for Norton to the year 2011. This version of Norton Internet Security 2011 looks better and works very impressive compared to the previous Norton releases. Symantec introduces some new features in this latest version and because of it, Norton Internet Security ranks best in Internet Suites available and most preferred by many people.

      Norton Internet Security is similar to Norton Antivirus 2011, but as the name implies, it gets more effective for internet users. Everything today, right from shopping, bill payments, online business transactions is done with internet and Norton Internet Security 2011 provides excellent features to put the above transactions and payments safe and protected without being hacked or misused.

      Lets look at the Installation, Interface, Performance and Features of this Internet Security.


      As all Norton releases, this Internet Security version has fast and accurate Installation and completes the process in few minutes without annoying you. You have to register in the process of installation and forces to open Norton company's Website for registration. During Uninstallation, some registry files will be left behind in program files. Overall, Installation process is fast and hassle-free with few configuration steps.


      Norton Internet Security 2011 comes with some changes in its Interface, similar to its Antivirus version. Dark Theme, Yellow Text, and rest of all will be same as Norton Antivirus version. Security Controls will have three components - Computer protection, Network Protection and Web Protection. Each Component has its own set of unique features.


      • Reputation-Based Security Checks.
      • Norton SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Automatic Response) looks for suspicious software behavior.
      • Scan your Facebook wall for malicious links.
      • On-Demand Scanning for Downloaded files.
      • Bootable Recovery Tool for external devices for USB, CD, DVD or any other bootable device.
      • Power Eraser removes any fake or unwanted antivirus programs and malware programs within your system.
      • In-Depth Scanning.

      Fast Installation, Solid Performance, Hassle-free Interface, In-Depth Scanning, Less impact on system's behaviour makes Norton strong Performance oriented Internet Security program. Lets see some performance features of this Internet Security.

      Security program Boot time Shutdown time Scan time MS Office performance iTunes decoding Media multitasking Cinebench
      Unprotected system 42.5 11.28 n/a 917 180 780 4,795
      Norton AntiVirus 2011 55 13.6 892 1,045 198 948 4,780
      Norton Internet Security 2011 48.91 11.78 890 1,028 199 861 4,780

      So, Finally if you want to have strong Internet Security Program to handle various suspicious threats and viruses, then Norton Internet Security makes things easier for you.

      Symantec introduces a 90 Day Trial OEM Licensed Norton Internet Security Version to people which is very encouraging. So, why late, Download Norton Internet Security 90 Days Trial OEM License Version absolutely free at Norton's Web Site or Download with below link.

      Norton Internet Security 2011

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