Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever Free Download For PC

Not much introduction needed to this game. A very old classical game which most of the children like to play in their childhood - Mario. Its so fun playing this game with excitement and joy. What makes Mario great classic game is its user-friendly approach towards guiding through various levels, crossing numerous barriers and monsters to save improsined Princess Peach from Evil Dragon Koopa or Bowser.

Now the remake version of this PC game, Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever has been released by Mario Softendo Mario Software Comapany. Much the same features as old one - pleasant music in the background, impressive levels, etc. The new version has more advanced & smoother graphics and algorithms, compared to original mario.

Super Mario 3 also released free Mini Mario Games like like Mario Minix, Super Mario Starman Running, Mario Goomba Party, Mario Funny tanks and more.


  • 8 different worlds, numerous monsters and barriers, etc.
  • More advanced graphics algorithms which are upgraded in this latest version.
  • Ability to save your game, branded new enemies and bonuses.
  • Impressive game but takes much processor time.
  • Ability to change keyword controls or disable the sound or music effects.
  • Play in Operating Systems - Windows 98, Xp, 2000, 2003, server 2008 Vista, 7 and even NT

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Super Mario 3: Mario Forever