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3 SEO Tools that fasten SEO tasks

SEO is always a tedious task, if we do it manually. Some Automation Tools are needed to make your task easy, simple and faster. The following 3 SEO tools belongs to this category. Lets take a brief look at them.

1. SpeedSEO - Rescue Time-consuming SEO Tasks

SpeedSEO is an amazing task automation tool for SEO to saves lot of time. This is a great tool for SEO tasks that eat up most the time. The interface is built simple and graceful, easily understandable for both naive and experienced users.

SpeedSEO does have four major features:

Competitor Analyzer - Searches who are your website competitors and what keywords they use which rank high for them. This makes a solid foundation for your SEO tasks.

Website Optimizer - Makes a detailed report of what areas your website needs to be analyzed and specifies what should be fixed.

Backlink Analyzer - Get brief report of competitor backlinks like From they got their backlinks, What keywords they used as anchor texts, their Page Rank.

Rank Tracker - Prepares a report of your website rankings for many keywords of your choice.

2. Blog Comment Poster - Faster than Ever

Post Comments on several blogs faster and easier than ever with "Blog Comment Poster". You don't have to search blogs manually to post comments. This software economize your time and effort from doing that. This SEO tool also shows the Alexa Rank, PageRank of Blog home page and its individual blog posts. So, that you can know kind of traffic and popularity they are getting.

3. Fast Blog Finder - Blog Commenting Now Easy

With Fast Blog Finder, a user can prepare a list of blogs where comments can be posted for backlinks. Unless, you make any link building or get backlinks, your website will never come up on the top of search results.
  • You can get most relevant blogs for your keywords.
  • You can post comments to those blogs directly from this software.
  • Know which type of blog you are commenting, whether it is NoFollow, DoFollow, Mixed. Determine more DoFollow blogs, which can produce quality to your website.
  • Know the PageRank of Home page and its individual pages or posts.
  • You can also fill the default comment to comment form.
  • Check submitted blogs whether they are approved or not.
  • Filter duplicate blogs from the report or list.
  • Skip posts or pages where you can login or register. This is important when you are using auto-submit or auto-fill option.
  • Load your own list of blogs for commenting.
  • Submit comments to social media sites.
  • You can block or blacklist the websites which are not relevant or junk or having adult content.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Download Norton Internet Security 2012 90 days Free Trail

If you want to protect your PC against Internet threats and hacking and sruf the Web without the fear of cyber crime, then Norton Internet Security would be one of the best choices you have. Norton Internet Security is the web software that increases the security without reducing the system performance. Norton has released 2012 version of Internet Security software, which mainly concentrates on preserving the details of your online shopping, banking, and social networking account & updates.

Symantec has been releasing 90-day trial version along with 30-day subscription, since many years. You can Download Norton Internet Security 2012 90 days trial version software for free. Before that we gonna look at its Interface, Installation procedure, Features and the affecting performance.


Norton Internet Security prior versions have lazy and inactive installation. But it offers a smooth and rapid installation process in 2012 version. Takes less than a minute to install. During this operation, Norton asks to send anonymous data to Symantec's cloud, which is optional and would not affect your security and performance.

A registration program is required enroll the trial version, whether you'd download 30-day or 90-day trail version. The complete process happens in the same installation screen not forcing to open your default browser for registration purpose.


Norton Internet Security 2012 has added very minor changes to its Interface, but reminds you the theme of its previous version - Norton Internet Security 2011. Offers an unsophisticated layout placing Scans on the left, Updates in the center and Advanced tools on the right.  Summing up, 2012 interface feels more simple, balanced and evenly distributed tools and options.


Without a solid performance, any internet security software is useless. Norton Internet Security doesn't  get placed in this list. Lets look at some basic performance reports.

Quick Scan - 2 minutes, 43 seconds
Full Scan - 1 hour 43 minutes and 54 seconds
Boot Time - 11.8 seconds


There aren't many new features added to 2012 version, but a new user who wants their system to be more secure gets amazed with its features and performance. Lets look at some of the basic features which are changed a bit in this new version.

Download Insight Tool - Takes care of the downloaded information and data looking for more stability. The interface of this module is simple and plain.

Identity Safe - Has been improved a lot. The style and interface of this feature remembers of Last-Pass Password Manager.

Reputation-based Security module called "Norton's System Insight" inspects the programs during and after the installation. Gives you bit extra system performance.

Norton Safe Web
- An addon or extension is integrated to your default browser, whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, checking what websites have secure information.

Finally, to get all these excellent features, options and tools, download Norton Internet Security 2012 90-day trial version soon. Make this happen as quickly as possible, 'coz the 90- day subscription may be limited period. The below download links will redirect to two possible downloads - 30-day and 90-day trial.

90-Day Trial 30-Day Trail

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