Saturday, December 3, 2011

TeamViewer 7 - Windows Remote Access Software

In my previous post, I've discussed about the prior version of TeamViewer and its features, options, how can we use. Now, latest rendering of TeamViewer 7 has been released to make remote sharing of system files and documents with others more easy and flexible.

The new version of TeamViewer includes the following features and improvements.
  • A Drag and Drop Feature is introduced to easily upload files and documents.
  • Save connection settings per computer.
  • Supports Multi-Monitor feature.
  • Take Screenshots of whatever we share and exchange.
  • Movable Panel/Window makes it more flexible to its previous version.
  • Improvement in performance and speed.
  • Instant and Schedule Meetings.
  • You can hold up to 25 Participants in a meeting.
  • Mobile Participation on the road with TeamViewer Apps for iOS and Android.
Short Review:

TeamViewer is leading in Remote Access software's and is considered one of the best PC tool to share files and documents remotely with other system. TeamViewer is also used to diagnose and recover computer from long-term problems.

This screen-sharing software is introduced to share screen safely, send files with ease, control access rights, etc. TeamViewer is used mainly in online meetings where users can participate in meeting having at their home. Users can connect their home PC to office system and start sharing files with your colleagues.


    The Installation is much improved and impressive. Users can set up admin rights and start TeamViewer at system boot(Well, its not recommended). Automatic TeamViewer start-up is optional and can be unchecked after running the program or at the time of installation.


    A drop-down toolbar is installed, fixed at the center with stylish and elegant interface having excellent options for remote accessing. A smooth panel to navigate and work on with its advanced features and options.

    Actions button - allows you to switch who's in control, uncheck remote input and reboot remotely.
    View Menu - Adjust Screen Resolution, Optimize speed/quality, Display Multi-Monitor option.

    • VoIP Audio & Video Conferencing.
    • Complete Teleconferencing.
    • No Firewall Re-configuration is required in this latest version.
    • Log-in with your Auto-generated Access Code and password.
    • Options like File transfer, Presentation or VPN(Virtual Private Network) can be controlled.
    • Your IP and system configuration are automatically saved in first log-in, so that at second attempt, the connection is established faster.
    • Web-based version - For Remote connection to home from public computer and its completely secure.

    To make your life simple and access files out-of-the-way with others, share your computer screen with your friends and colleagues, for online meetings, you must use this latest version of TeamViewer for sure. Download TeamViewer 7 for free which supports all Windows Platforms like 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/NT.