Sunday, January 8, 2012

AVG Internet Security 2012 v12.0.1901 - Complete Internet Protection

AVG - This one name is highly popular since Antivirus softwares have started to release and is the most trusted security software since long time. When your PC is connected to internet, there is every chance of virus infection and you need to have internet security software to fight against those threats which will make the lifespan of your PC shorter.

AVG has come up with an internet security tool called "AVG Internet Security 2012", which ensures complete protection for your PC from dangerous web threats and viruses. AVG Internet Security 2012 is a simple, effective and strong internet security software, available for free to download and use.

Following are some important points & features to be discussed about AVG Internet Security 2012.

Protection that accelerates your PC performance:

AVG Antivirus and Internet Security is not that kind of software which slows up your system speed and performance. AVG Internet Security 2012 accelerates the download speed of files, faster boot time & shut down time and watch unlimited videos online with great speed. There are two utilities which make this happen.

AVG Accelerator:  Speeds up the download speed and online video streaming. AVG Accelerator is set as enabled by default.

AVG System Tools:  Turns off unnecessary applications & programs and has the ability to show the running processes in your PC.

Block Hacking methodologies and privacy theft:

AVG Internet Security 2012 offers a complete security for your personal information and identity, when shopping and banking online from hackers and intruders.  And this can be achieved with AVG Enhanced Firewall and Identity Protection. AVG Enhanced Firewall blocks the intrusion applications before they run and AVG Identity Protection is an excellent tool to keep your private data safe at the time of online shopping and banking.

Award-Winning Protection Technologies:

AVG Internet Security 2012 follows unique protection technologies & defensive techniques to keep your systems secured. AVG Antivirus technology stops virus, Trojan, worm infection, and spyware/malware.
AVG Proactive Cloud Technology identifies viruses with its automatic updates and stops PC infection. AVG has a community called “AVG Community Protection Network”, in which people who use AVG Internet Security, participate in this community and share views about latest virus & internet threats and would help in building better security in future AVG updates or releases.

Uninterrupted Gaming and Web Browsing:

With AVG Smart Scanning, Game Mode and Auto-Fix, you can surf and game online without any interruption. AVG Smart Scanning is a light-weight application which runs in background when your PC is idle or in low-priority mode. AVG’s Game Mode offers uninterrupted service when playing games online or offline without annoying freezes. With just once click, Auto-Fix monitors your security level and sends the report to AVG security team.

AVG Anti-Spam, Online Shield and Email Scanner:

AVG’s Anti-Spam keeps your email inbox free of spam and worms with constantly scanning databases. The downloaded files are checked first and then stored in your PC, using AVG Online Shield. Email Scanner plug-in checks the mail attachments preventing damage to your PC.

Browse and Search Web safely:

With AVG LinkScanner Search Shield and Surf Shield, you can now surf the websites & search the internet safely. The websites which are infected and having unusual scripts are stopped from running. AVG Surf Shield checks every webpage you visit in real-time and detects any suspicious or hidden scripts. Search Shield shows safety ratings for every search result from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines.

Participate in Social Networking Sites without identity theft:

AVG Social Networking Protection stands as the powerful utility in AVG Internet Security 2012 version, which checks links that are shared during Facebook, Twitter and MySpace networking.

AVG Advisor and Support:

AVG provides 24/7 technical support for customers, regarding any queries, product installation, configuration, etc. AVG Advisor regularly monitors your PC computer and advises the answers for various system bugs/errors. AVG Advisor Displays notifications when your Internet browser and other system applications consume more memory.

Download 30-day trial version of AVG Internet Security 2012 or buy this amazing software for $54.99. Though the cost is a bit expensive, AVG Internet Security 2012 is worthful to purchase which has complete internet protection features.