Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Most Popular Android Apps of 2012

Google is the popular search engine, shares about 80% of the internet users for finding the relevant information every minute and every second. Google launched its open-source mobile operating system - ANDROID, and is getting huge popularity with this mobile OS.

Many cell phone manufacturing companies are producing Android-built mobile phones in the market, to attract customers. I'm gonna show you the top 5 Android Apps in 2012, which the mobile users utilized more in their daily life.

1. Dolphin HD Mobile Browser:

Tops in the list - Dolphin HD Mobile Browser, is the most fast, secure and trustworthy mobile application that amazing features with hassle-free interface with quick navigation. The add=ons or plug-ins are available on the app market with customized themes and applications which make your mobile browsing experience more faster and fluent.

2. Dropbox:

No introduction should be given to this application, as most of the PC users using this software daily, to store their private and important data and access them whenever they want. The mobile version of Dropbox is also popular in terms of its simple interface and faster uploading. You can now backup or rescue your important information on Dropbox and access when needed.

3. Shopper:

The Google Shopper application shows many Google products, filtering the items depending on low and high prices. With this app, you can get most reliable products of your choice.

4. Angry Birds:

Angry Birds is known as the extremely addictive and enjoyable mobile game available now. Get this app on android market and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

5. AppBrain App Market:

Android mobile phones already have an app similar to this, but AppBrain App Market is considered as the amazing application to filter apps based on the popularity, bringing only the useful apps to customers.