Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 10 – Fastest and Secure Web Browser

No Introduction is required to Mozilla Firefox, as this web browser is very popular and stands 1st in internet web browsers because of its advanced features such as Tabbed browsing, Integrated Google Search, Pop-up Blocker, Privacy Controls, Add-ons, and many more.

A brand new version of Firefox is released recently – Mozilla Firefox 10, which comprises of specifications like completely secure, blazing performance, stunning interface, excellent add-ons, etc. This latest version has vastly improved in terms of its performance & features and is considered as the most stable version of Firefox previous releases.

Mozilla Firefox 10 has high-end traits for secure online shopping, banking transactions and runs effectively in Microsoft Windows OS Environment, though it is available for Mac and Linux too.


When you look at its Installation, we find Firefox is now more quick and clean. But, if you are transforming from older version to Mozilla Firefox 10, it consumes more time than normal set-up.

After completing Installation, you’ll see only one icon and if you want to run Firefox in Safe Mode, just simply hold “Shift” and click on that icon. For Windows 7 users, a taskbar icon is installed, if Firefox is chosen as default browser. The third-party and incompatible add-ons are disabled with this latest version, as part of security reasons.

No icons, files or folders remain in ‘Program Files’ after Uninstallation, when you choose “Remove Settings”.


A completely new countenance and design comes for you with Mozilla Firefox 10. The Interface is somewhat inspired from Google Chrome and looks similar to Opera 11, with large buttons for clean navigation, though the “Menu Bar” is still kept separately above “Navigation Bar”. Rest of the things are usual if you are regular Firefox user.

It is much easier now to bookmark favorite urls, view history and download Add-ons with Redesign. If you don’t like the latest version, you can recur to older style. Tab Navigation is more flexible now which is similar to Google Chrome.


FIREFOX SYNC – Synchronizes your bookmarks, preferences, passwords, tabs and history. Firefox Sync encrypts your data and is stored in encrypted servers. You can also set up your personal Sync server, where the liability of data is yours.

ADD-ONS – There are more than 600 add-ons available which are administered by Add-on Manager. Add them without navigating to external Firefox Add-on website. Download and Install add-ons based on categorization such as Extensions, Appearance and Plug-ins.

INTEGRATED WEB SEARCH BOX – Includes built-in search box for searching web via search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., without jumping to its default search page.

PANORAMA – A Tab-grouping feature which displays tabs as rectangular thumbnail images. Drag-n-Drop Tabs in manageable tab groups to organize, label and order.
PASSWORD MANAGER – Remembers your difficult passwords and fills when you visit websites. You will be prompted with an option to save password, when you visit a website.

FORM FILLER – Fills out lengthy registration forms with single-click.

POP-UP BLOCKER – Blocks ads and pop-ups of websites which disrupt your online browsing.

SESSION RESTORE – Restores your previous online activity such as windows, tabs, downloading files, add-ons, software updates, etc., when suddenly Firefox closes due to system crash or power failure.

SPELL CHECK – Built-in spell checker for checking words in web pages, email, etc.

BOOKMARKS, TAGS, LIBRARY – One click to bookmark favorite websites and web pages and label the bookmarks with names of your choice. All your bookmarks, browsing history, tabs, etc. are stored in Firefox Library.

SEARCH & FIND – Finds for a word or phrase in a web page with simple keystroke. Also highlight keywords, if they are many.

DOWNLOAD MANAGER – Secure, Smooth and Efficient built-in Firefox download manager featured with options like pause, resume, stop and start.

OFFLINE BROWSING – Stay connected with websites when you are away from internet, using Offline Browsing.

Security Features:

PRIVATE BROWSING – Turn on this feature and start browsing secretly and protect your browser history from hackers and intruders. This feature is more helpful in circumstances of shopping or banking online.

INSTANT WEBSITE ID – Checks the identity and legitimacy of websites you visit. Very helpful when browsing suspicious websites.

– Integrates with Windows Anti-virus, Anti-malware and Anti-phishing software and instantly checks for viruses and malware.

SKIP ONLINE TRACKING – Choose not track your online behavior for security reasons.

SECURE WEBSITE CONNECTIONS – Protect your personal data by instituting secure connections to websites that provide https servers.

CLEAR RECENT HISTORY – Deletes your online activity with single click.

PARENTAL CONTROLS – Stop unsafe and unwanted surfing, web content, and downloads by enabling Parental Controls. (Available only in Windows 7)

  • Start-up, Graphics rendering and page loading speeds are far better in Mozilla Firefox version 10. JavaScript Management works efficiently with improved JavaScript Engine.
  • The video and web content are accelerated with improved graphics acceleration system.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted browsing even when there is crash in add-ons or plug-ins.
  • Excellent platform for web developers to generate innovative games, visualizations, using 3D Graphics.
Finally, Mozilla Firefox 10 stands in the competition with other web browsers and runs efficiently in any circumstances. Download Mozilla Firefox 10 for free which in supported in operating systems – Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.