Monday, February 20, 2012

Top 5 Torrent P2P Softwares for 2012

P2P software are the one which can download your favorite songs, movies, videos, softwares, etc. Here are the Top 5 P2P Torrent Softwares for 2012, which are best in terms of its features, popularity, performance and design.

1. uTorrent:

uTorrent is the most popular and best torrent software for P2P sharing available today. It has all necessary features to perform extraordinarily and it requires only 1MB space. It doesn't need any sort of installation or setup. uTorrent is completely free, satisfies your needs. The speed, design and performance are the best compared to other torrent tools. Download uTorrent at

2. Vuze or Azureus:
Vuze is best known for its features and design. It is the largest torrent product, where it can play normal & high-definition videos, movies and songs. The interface is easily understandable, where you can search unlimited stuff of your choice. The speed and performance are extremely good for Vuze software. Vuze can be downloaded to your iPhone, Xbox or PSP. For PC users, you need to have latest Java Runtime Environment to run this software. Visit

3. Tixati:
Tixati is the most smooth torrent program which supports trackerless torrent swarming. Magnet links, PEX and DHT swarming works very well in Tixati. The speeds are not as fast as uTorrent and Vuze, but definitely to try. Download Tixati at

4. Deluge:
This is the perfect torrent software for Linux and Mac OS X users. Deluge Torrent is very user-friendly and clean appearance. You can upload, download and view any stats related to torrent file. This is free to download and open-source. Smart Programmers and coding enthusiasts can review the source code and change(limited). Download Deluge Torrent at

5. Transmission BitTorrent:
Another product for Mac and Linux users. Transmission BitTorrent has smart features and consumes very less memory for installation and executing. It is open-source and perfectly suits for Apple or Linux users. Visit Transmission BitTorrent at