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Apple QuickTime 7 - Powerful Multimedia Player

QuickTime 7 is the latest and most used media player developed by Apple Company. It uses advanced multimedia technology with powerful media platform. For those who are using Apple OS systems are very familiar with QuickTime, but for Windows users it is new and exciting. Using QuickTime, you can watch Internet videos, High-Definition movie trailers, and of course your favorite audio/video files of any format.

Basically, Apple QuickTime 7 has four important features or functionality to let user enjoy outstanding high quality and advanced media. Let’s discuss briefly about them.

Multimedia Platform:

Whether you want to view digital camera or mobile videos or internet videos or a movie on your PC, QuickTime advanced technology makes it more comfortable, no matter which format it is. If any of the media file format is not playable, then it suggests downloading video/audio codec.

Powerful Media Player:

An in-built media player with simple interface and easy user control makes hassle-free for naïve PC users. There are some special playback options in QuickTime 7 such as a slider which slows down the speed through a movie.

Progressive Video Technology:

QuickTime 7 has the H.264 – the most advanced video compression technology for High-Definition video playback without much storage and bandwidth usage. And the output delivered will be firm, pleasant and extraordinary.

Wide Range of File Formats:

It has extensive file formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MPEG-4 HD/DVD, Blu-ray, 3GP, etc. Apple offers codecs for professional quality such as DivX that lets you create own DivX media content.

If you are looking for a Pro version of QuickTime 7, then you could afford just $29.99 where you can convert/edit media files of various formats, record digital media and even you can have Third-party plug-ins supported.

Apple QuickTime 7.7, the latest version is free to download apple’s official site which supports Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TrueCrypt 7.1a – Free Virtual Disk Encryption

TrueCrypt is the most powerful disk encryption software that virtually creates a file and set it as a real disk. Encryption is done to complete hard disk or any storage device, such as USB drive. TrueCrypt is an open-source tool, which is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems.

Basically, the encryption has to be performed with secure password verification and TrueCrypt comes with pre-boot authentication. A pre-boot authentication (PBA) is something like preventing anyone from accessing your files on hard disk without proper credentials. It creates an extra security layer to your files and until the correct authentication is made, no one can administer your data. PBA encrypts system drive where OS is installed.

There are three main benefits of TrueCrypt, which include Full disk encryption outside the OS level, Temporary files encryption, and Data-at-rest protection. TrueCrypt offers two levels of security attacks – one is suspicious charges on hidden volume by antagonists and the other on random data volumes which cannot be distinguished. TrueCrypt uses encryption algorithms like AES-256, Blowfish, CAST5, Serpent, Triple DES and Twofish.

  • Real-time, Automatic and Transparent Encryption.
  • If the drive was not encrypted, the Parallelization and pipelining processes allow data to be rapidly read and written.
  • Encryption is done with modern hardware-accelerated processors.
  • Offers possible deniability, in case of suspicious forces tries to steal your password – Hidden volume and Hidden operating system.
  • 64-bit and 32-bit Mac OS X 10.7 Lion full compatibility.
  • Encryption for multi-core systems.
Apart from the useful features it offers, there are few security concerns which are known or understandable only to experts. One of them is vulnerability attacks like malware i.e. if the system is infected with any kind of malware, keyloggers, adware or spyware, then the intruder or hacker would gain access to your system and perform unusual activities.

So, read the TrueCrypt documentation first and then download this encryption software. TrueCrypt is open-source and free to download with documentation. Download the latest version of TrueCrypt 7.1a from below link.


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in India

Technology has been developed so rapidly in India and people have started to adapt to the recent tech-conditions. One of the fast and exciting adaption is “Online Shopping”. Gone are the days of buying every single livelihood product, going to market (or, call it “Bazaar” in India), personally. The Indian people mindset has changed tremendously, when it comes to shopping online.

The main reason behind online shopping is, today the people can’t afford their valuable time purchasing physically in hectic schedule. So, the best solution available is – Online Shopping. When you “online”, it refers to internet, which is the easiest path for shopping your favorite product, starting from toothbrushes to Motorbikes with a single click.

Advantages of Online Shopping:
  • Time saved instead waiting in queue, communicating and bargaining.
  • Compare each product with price and specification.
  • Buy lot of products with single-click.
  • Text and Video Reviews.

  • Not all products and service providers are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Some people feel that checking every product manually would be safest way, due to lack of proper exposure of the product.
  • Lack of understanding the actual cost in the market to online.
  • Identity or Privacy Theft.

I give a brief review of the Top 5 popular websites for Online Shopping in India that is best for its reliability, customer privacy and payment options.

Most people have mixed feelings towards the service, but still stands as the topmost website for online shopping in India. Register with website and start buying products with the easiest and secure payment method – PaisaPay.  Go to relevant category and search products within it.
It is the most reliable online shopping site because if any product is damaged or not delivered, the money paid will be credited to your bank account within few days. And another point to be considered is all products come from the dealers or company service providers. eBay is just an intermediary between customer and service providers. Visit


Homeshop18 is another online retail marketing and distribution service of “Network 18 Group”.  It has best products which include major national and international brands of various categories. It was launched in April, 2008 and started to revolutionize in shopping online. Homeshop18 has won “Innovation in Delivery” and “eRetailer of the Year” awards in 2012.
There are various payment options available for buying products, includes Cash on Delivery, All Debit/Credit cards, Internet Banking, Cash Before Delivery, Cheque/DD, EMIs, Gift certificate, Mobile payment and Cash Card. Visit for categories and latest offers.


Flipkart is an e-commerce site for shopping different category products known for its best delivery and online sales. It provides multiple payments options like Homeshop18. The Cash on Delivery payment method is adapted by Flipkart recently and has been a huge hit among Indian customers. Visit


Another safest way of shopping online – Naaptol. This is popular not only in internet, but on television ads in Indian channels. Naaptol also offers offline payment (Cash on Delivery) which is available in most of the Indian cities. The other payment methods are Credit/Debit Card, Cheque/DD, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and EMIs. Visit


Indiaplaza is one of the initiators in Indian online shopping world, but lost its top place due to the advancement of other strong contenders in online shopping. The website was now gained by US-based online shopping company. Indiaplaza offers over 8-million different products online with 1.5 million customers worldwide. This is the only top website in India that can ship products worldwide. Visit

Note: Except Indiaplaza, the other four ships products only in India.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Freegate – Secure, Faster Internet Access

The popular anti-censorship software developed by Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) – Freegate is an awesome tool for accessing websites faster and secure than regular basis. In simple terms, some websites (or) web pages are blocked by country governments or censored. Using Freegate, we can view those websites even they are strictly blocked.

Freegate is a kind of proxy server which penetrates through system firewalls that are used to block unauthorized programs and access the websites. Now, this is not the tool for hacking or stealing information from other computers. Basically, in China, Syria, Iran, Vietnam and UAE, their governments have blocked some websites that are popular globally.

This is the most popular proxy tool for many students, businessmen, tourists, and journalists in the country China to break the unauthorization.

Freegate Features:
  • Allow users to access foreign websites as fast as they can, which are blocked.Requires no installation or customized system settings.
  • Download the Freegate executable file and start using on Windows platform.
  • P2P-like proxy network system.
  • Makes the network secure with a unique encryption and compression algorithm.

Download Freegate latest version 7.30 from its official website, which is free and supports all Windows OS platforms.


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Steps to Improve PC Speed and Performance

A PC may have many issues which stop it running smoothly and cannot load applications/programs in time. Issues like viruses, spyware, registry errors, low disk space, slow loading, upgradation, etc. This article will explain how to maintain, run and protect your PC from suspicious programs, using some tools which are compatible in Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista.

Before reading this article, your PC must be logged in as administrator (recommended), so as to customize or change settings that may not be applicable for guest or other limited users.

1. Upgrade to Windows 7

The best recommended by Microsoft is upgrading to Windows 7. This is true because Win 7 has many security essentials which are not present in its previous versions. This will be first action every Windows PC user must perform in order to get most out of any software.

2. Get rid of Virus, Spyware Hell

Viruses and Spyware are those dangerous programs that are written in programming languages by hackers, which are meant to steal your personal or private information without your interference. They mainly steal your mail and website username/passwords to perform illegal operations. In order to fight install best recommended Antivirus and Antispyware softwares like Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc. This may be known to everyone, but users forget to install updates or upgrade the software.

Apart from this, Microsoft recommends three security softwares for PC safeguard and virus removal – Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Download these tools from

3. Low Disk Space? No Problem

Is your PC running out of space, then firstly you should run “Disk Cleanup” tool which identifies all files that are unwanted or not so important to PC. Disk Cleanup deletes temporary Internet & Windows files, downloaded program files (ActiveX controls, Applets, etc.), and removes unused restore points.

If you want a tool that handles and removes unwanted files in a better way, then download “CCleaner” which would the best for any Windows user. CCleaner does more work than regular “Disk Cleaner” like deleting registry errors, handling startup items, etc.

4. Problem loading or accessing data?

This would be the common reason for every PC user and is solved very easily with some tools. Microsoft recommends “Disk Defragmenter”, a Windows utility that fragments files/folders on your hard disk, which end up in specific and neat file arrangement.

There is another best defragmentation tool – “Auslogics Disk Defrag”, which re-arranges your HDD data with higher performance. Download at

5. Download ReadyBoost and Repair System Disk Errors

To handle and repair system errors, you should go for “Registry Repair” software from Glarysoft. This tool is exclusively meant for removing and maintaining system registry errors. Download Registry Repair at

A Microsoft recommended product for boosting up your system speed - ReadyBoost, which is compatible only for Windows 7 and Vista operating systems. ReadyBoost speeds up your PC by an innovative method i.e. using non-volatile flash memory of external USB or memory card. Learn how to use ReadyBoost on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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