Monday, August 27, 2012

MediaInfo – Get Complete Media File Information

A tiny open-source application called MediaInfo is an excellent program which displays all the required information of media files i.e. audio/video. To be simple, if you want to have complete information about an audio or video file like Codec, Aspect Ratio, Sample rate, subtitle language, number of chapters and everything you need, with this excellent small program – MediaInfo.

MediaInfo 0.7 – Get Complete Media File Information

As there are numerous media formats emerging in multimedia technology field, the tech enthusiasts must know what are all the necessary technical information about a media file.

MediaInfo’s interface has traditional menus on the top like File, View, Options, Debug, Help and Language. Below that there is drop-down to select the desired media file. As soon as you select a media file, all the related technical information of that file will be shown to the down. There are two dedicated buttons to visit the website of player for the file and the website of video codec.

MediaInfo displays:
  1. Container and General information, First video stream, First audio stream, and First/Second/Third text streams.
  2. The media format type (like MPEG-4, QuickTime, Matroska, etc), duration, author, title, overall bit rate and many more.
  3. Video and Audio data and analytics like format, codec, aspect ratio, language, sample rate and channels.
  4. The subtitle language, codec and format.
  5. The number of chapters and its list.
MediaInfo 0.7 – Interface Window

The latest version – MediaInfo 0.7.59 is supported by all Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and many Linux operating system platforms. It has got many other features apart from technical information of media file.

  • Supports many video/audio file and subtitle formats.
  • Display technical information in different prospects like Text, Sheet, Tree, HTML, etc. and also you can customize the default setting for display.
  • MediaInfo exports all the technical data as text, CSV, and HTML, as you can send them to other people who are in need of.
  • Three different interface versions are available – GUI, Command Line Interface and Library (.dll).
  • You can drag and drop any media file and look over the information.
  • Supports all major worldwide languages.
  • Open-source and free to download.
  • Version – 0.7.59
  • Setup File Size – 2.15 MB
  • Validity – Free
  • Operating Systems – All Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris platforms


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps 2012

The number of android users is on the rise because of its flexibility and customization in handling variety of mobile apps. Many people find it difficult to sort out the best applications for their android Smartphones. And with hell lot of apps adding day to day, it is very hard to get the right one.

Top apps are classified into Games, Social, Communication, Utility tools, Entertainment, Media, Personalization, Productivity and many more. The following are the top 10 android apps for 2012 which are everywhere necessary to fully optimize your Smartphone.

1. Facebook for Android:

A simple social application for those who are mad and spend more time on Facebook. With this app, you can send text messages, chat, share videos or photos, play games and whatever you have done on desktop.

Required – Android 2.2 or higher

2. Angry Birds Rio:
Nobody will expect a Smartphone without Angry Birds game, as it is one of the most popular and favorite game for person of any age. Angry Birds Rio is the latest version in which the original angry birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio city. This exciting game has six amazing episodes with 180 thrilling levels and 12 bonus levels.

Required – Android 1.6 or higher

3. Adobe Flash Player:
If a Smartphone user wants to watch any video on YouTube or any video streaming website via Wi-Fi, then it can’t be done without Adobe Flash Player. As all know it is very popular and empowers you to experience a complete web browsing with interactive and rich content.

Required – Android 2.2 or higher

4. Mobile TV:
One of the best television app on the android market to watch full-length videos on your mobile with high-quality and definition. You can watch live streaming of your favorite TV channels on mobiles, Tablet PC, and other multimedia devices which support android OS platform.

Required – Android 2.1 or higher

5. GO Launcher EX:
GO Launcher EX is a very popular mobile app for android users to customize your Smartphone home screen, themes, animation effects, widgets and many more. It includes thousands of personalized themes with fresh icons, widgets, 3D effects and user-defined folder to categorize apps with ease. Go Launcher EX is very useful app for those who have installed more apps and want to organize them neatly.

Required – Android 2.0 or higher

6. Skype – Free IM and Video Calls:
If you have Skype on your Smartphone, then you will never worry contacting your friends. It is one of the most essential apps to chat/send instant messages, make voice or video calls for free via Wi-Fi or 3G. You can also share photos, videos and files with your friends on Skype.

Required – Android 2.1 or higher

7. Opera Mini Browser:
Opera Mini Browser is the most trusted and fastest mobile browser which includes all the necessary features a PC web browser has. It has excellent features like Tabbed web surfing, Speed dial, Page zooming, Bookmarking, Saving favorite web pages, Downloads, Social sharing and many more.

Required – Android 1.5 or higher

8. Pinball Pro:
This is a perfect app for pinball game lovers, which has all required features of standard play. Pinball Pro app includes realistic visuals and graphics featuring 3 innovative tables with amazing sound effects.

Required – Android 2.1 or higher

9. Adobe Reader:
This is a popular and free document viewer for PDF files which has set trusted platform for many PC and mobile users. Install it and it works like charm as you can easily access, share and manage various PDF file formats like password-protected, fillable forms, etc.

Required – Android 2.2 or higher

10. Cymera:
Cymera is the best free app for photography lovers which has 7 different lenses and 4 shooting modes. It makes you feel like professional photographer even if you are not. It includes many filters and decorating effects which outputs an innovative picture. You can even share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Cyworld.

Required – Android 2.2 or higher

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

NoScript v2.5 – Award-winning Security Addon

Yet another powerful security extension for Firefox users – NoScript, which blocks executable web content of distrusted websites by the user. It allows only those sites which are trusted by user (added to whitelist) that includes content like JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight and other web plugins.

NoScript was created by a developer from Italy called “Giorgio Maone” and another fellow from Mozilla Security Group. The main intention behind the development is to maintain and protect your online browsing activity from mistrusted domains which contain malicious codes and security attacks.

It comes as a browser add-on for Firefox, SeaMonkey and its related online tools. Coming to its interface, to enable JavaScript or any plugin, simply left-click on the status bar icon or context menu in pop-up status bar.


  • Protect your online surfing activity from websites which has XSS(Cross-side Scripting) and Clickjacking vulnerabilities.
  • It stops JavaScript, Java, Silverlight, Flash, and other ActiveX content websites which you assume are harmful.
  • You can allow only specific sites to execute JavaScript. Type the web address of the site and click “Allow” which adds to the “Whitelist”.
  • Filters hugely potential Cross-side Scripting(XSS) attacks from malicious websites.
  • Provide strong defensive mechanism against harmful internet threats like Clickjacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, CSRF, DNS rebinding, etc.
  • It has options like “Allow Scripts Globally” and “Default Deny” to permit or abnegate all websites to execute all kinds of scripts.
  • A special firewall-like feature is provided called Application Boundaries Enforcer (ABE), to protect each susceptible web application pertinent to the user like Online Banking, Webmail, etc.
  • NoScript could force the browser to open every web application in “HTTPS” connection, which is very beneficial, especially when you are involved in many banking transactions.
NoScript has won many tech-awards for providing best and innovative work in online information security. On the other-side, security browser add-ons like WOT, AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, and other well-known extensions had criticized for its unusual behavior on their websites, due to which some of their functionalities had stopped to work.

If you want to have a prevailing browser extension for protect from unwanted and suspicious websites during online surfing, go for NoScript.

  • Version – 2.5.1
  • Setup File Size – 514.21 KB
  • Validity – Free
  • Operating Systems – Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, Server 2008


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Timeline Remove – Get Old Facebook Style

If you are the one who hates the new Facebook timeline feature and want to get back to the old style, then Timeline Remove would be the tool you are looking for. Timeline Remove is a browser add-on or extension comes very handy in restoring the old classic interface of Facebook without modifying the visitor timeline behavior.

Timeline Remove - Get Old Facebook Style

Timeline Remove works like charm once it is installed and hides the latest Facebook timeline feature with On/Off toggle button which is added to the browser toolbar.

  • Supports popular web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Installs and uninstalls without any problem.
  • Starts instantly after installation without browser restart.
  • Change only the appearance of Facebook profile pages but not the inner source-code.
  • Your friends and family who have not installed the ‘Timeline Remove’ extension could see your Facebook timeline as usual.
Timeline Remove - Addon Interface

  • Version – 1.0.1
  • Setup File Size – 284.46 KB
  • Validity – Free
  • Operating Systems – Windows 7, XP, Vista and 2000
Go to the below download page and scroll down to see the installation of various browsers.


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Monday, August 13, 2012

FreeRAM XP Pro – Optimize PC RAM

FreeRAM XP Pro is special software which does the unique act of PC optimization effectively and also monitors its behavior. Many tools are available to optimize computer but this is an individual utility for RAM (Random Access Memory) to increase its productivity and performance. This is very handy at times of low memory or to free up unwanted system resources.

FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52

FreeRAM XP Pro is the most trusted and recommended PC tool for RAM monitoring and optimization because of its unique features. Let’s look at some important ones.

  • Real-time memory optimization and monitoring.
  • Optimizes RAM without losing the system performance via AutoFree option.
  • Sends used memory information as a detailed report and logs them for future purpose.
  • You can stop any system thread with “Stop” option.
  • Has na├»ve and sleek interface.
  • Has multiple system-metric monitors.
  • Has unique Global Memory Compression technology to automatically remove and manage memory. (NEW)
  • Has customizable Windows hotkey support.
  • Reports the usage of process memory.


The interface is very simple with few basic buttons like Settings, Tools, Information, etc. There are two progress bars to show memory-related information for RAM and LOAD. There is an option to instantly free up RAM-level when certain level is reached. On the top of interface window, the percentage of freed RAM is displayed.

FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52 - Interface Window

As far as the features are concerned, FreeRAM XP Pro works well for all memory operations. But when you install it in Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2) operating system, there is some possible issue of not showing up tray icon on Windows startup. There are some possible solutions like enabling the troubleshooting tray icon option in the Settings window and delaying it by certain number of seconds. Or you could disable automatic startup with windows and manually load it once PC gets started.

  • Version – 1.52
  • Setup File Size – 605.59 KB
  • Validity – Free
  • Operating Systems – Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95


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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta Released – Register and Download

Symantec has getting popular and trusted since many years because of its highly efficient security software solutions. And Norton will be the name you’d never forget if you are using it for longer period of time without any threats or attacks. As a part of Symantec’s journey, the latest beta version of Norton Antivirus has been released on first week of May 2012, which is compatible with even Windows 8 (the latest Windows OS platform).

Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta Released

If you are utilizing Norton Antivirus 2012 and accustomed to its excellent features, then you would have no problem understanding additional features in 2013 beta version. The newer 2013 beta has delivered kernel security technologies which includes cardinal improvements. Let’s look each of them briefly.
  1. A special and unique protection is provided with new security competencies for Windows 8 Metro app users.
  2. Next-Gen Firewall Protection is available to detect and remove suspicious/dangerous internet threats that would rob your personal information.
  3. There is an improved and intelligent tool called “Bandwidth Monitoring” which avoids unnecessary and non-critical security updates which results into over data cost. And thus it decreases the burden on bandwidth sensitive internet connections.
  4. The beta version downloads and installs Norton Power Eraser which will remove headstrong PC and web threats that are not scanned/deleted by regular Norton scans.
Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta Released - Interface

The rest of the features are mostly similar to Norton Antivirus 2012 version like interface, safe browsing, social networking and shopping, Cloud-enabled protection, Norton-Identity Safe, Download Insight 2.0, and many more.

Along with the Norton antivirus 2012 beta, two more regular softwares are released – Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 2013 beta. If you want to download these beta versions you will have to perform mandatory registration which includes fields – Country, Email and T & C. Click on below link to navigate to Norton’s official registration page.


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Monday, August 6, 2012

WordWeb 6.8 – English Dictionary and Find Synonyms

A dictionary is very helpful to find definitions of complicated words in English, especially for non-English people. And if you are blogger or content writer or the one who reads newspaper daily, finds it quite difficult to understand the knotty words. WordWeb is such significant utility for PC users to discover the definition, synonyms, antonyms, and many other things without connecting online.

WordWeb 6.8 - English Dictionary and Find Synonyms

WordWeb is a very handy PC tool for which has over 150,000 root words and 120,000 synonyms database. It includes many other things like proper nouns, similar words, pronunciations, and usage tags. And the main advantage is you can get all these references offline without an internet connection.

The latest version WordWeb 6.8 adds up a feature of finding terms using Wikipedia when connected to internet. The new update has improved database and compatibility.

Main Features:
  • Fully expandable and easily controlled interface with familiar options.
  • Lookup Dialog box for searching specific terms over the database.
  • Hot Key Support – Point over the cursor on any word and WordWeb displays the appropriate information.
  • You can change the text size and disable WordWeb from displaying violated words.
  • 5000 audio and 65000 text pronunciations.
  • WordWeb is completely free and you can also upgrade to advanced version.
  • Contains no spyware/adware/viruses.
WordWeb 6.8 - Interface

Software Information:
  • Version – 6.8
  • Setup File Size – 19 MB
  • Validity – Free, upgradable to paid version
  • Operating Systems – Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000


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