Saturday, August 11, 2012

Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta Released – Register and Download

Symantec has getting popular and trusted since many years because of its highly efficient security software solutions. And Norton will be the name you’d never forget if you are using it for longer period of time without any threats or attacks. As a part of Symantec’s journey, the latest beta version of Norton Antivirus has been released on first week of May 2012, which is compatible with even Windows 8 (the latest Windows OS platform).

Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta Released

If you are utilizing Norton Antivirus 2012 and accustomed to its excellent features, then you would have no problem understanding additional features in 2013 beta version. The newer 2013 beta has delivered kernel security technologies which includes cardinal improvements. Let’s look each of them briefly.
  1. A special and unique protection is provided with new security competencies for Windows 8 Metro app users.
  2. Next-Gen Firewall Protection is available to detect and remove suspicious/dangerous internet threats that would rob your personal information.
  3. There is an improved and intelligent tool called “Bandwidth Monitoring” which avoids unnecessary and non-critical security updates which results into over data cost. And thus it decreases the burden on bandwidth sensitive internet connections.
  4. The beta version downloads and installs Norton Power Eraser which will remove headstrong PC and web threats that are not scanned/deleted by regular Norton scans.
Norton Antivirus 2013 Beta Released - Interface

The rest of the features are mostly similar to Norton Antivirus 2012 version like interface, safe browsing, social networking and shopping, Cloud-enabled protection, Norton-Identity Safe, Download Insight 2.0, and many more.

Along with the Norton antivirus 2012 beta, two more regular softwares are released – Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 2013 beta. If you want to download these beta versions you will have to perform mandatory registration which includes fields – Country, Email and T & C. Click on below link to navigate to Norton’s official registration page.