Thursday, August 23, 2012

NoScript v2.5 – Award-winning Security Addon

Yet another powerful security extension for Firefox users – NoScript, which blocks executable web content of distrusted websites by the user. It allows only those sites which are trusted by user (added to whitelist) that includes content like JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight and other web plugins.

NoScript was created by a developer from Italy called “Giorgio Maone” and another fellow from Mozilla Security Group. The main intention behind the development is to maintain and protect your online browsing activity from mistrusted domains which contain malicious codes and security attacks.

It comes as a browser add-on for Firefox, SeaMonkey and its related online tools. Coming to its interface, to enable JavaScript or any plugin, simply left-click on the status bar icon or context menu in pop-up status bar.


  • Protect your online surfing activity from websites which has XSS(Cross-side Scripting) and Clickjacking vulnerabilities.
  • It stops JavaScript, Java, Silverlight, Flash, and other ActiveX content websites which you assume are harmful.
  • You can allow only specific sites to execute JavaScript. Type the web address of the site and click “Allow” which adds to the “Whitelist”.
  • Filters hugely potential Cross-side Scripting(XSS) attacks from malicious websites.
  • Provide strong defensive mechanism against harmful internet threats like Clickjacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, CSRF, DNS rebinding, etc.
  • It has options like “Allow Scripts Globally” and “Default Deny” to permit or abnegate all websites to execute all kinds of scripts.
  • A special firewall-like feature is provided called Application Boundaries Enforcer (ABE), to protect each susceptible web application pertinent to the user like Online Banking, Webmail, etc.
  • NoScript could force the browser to open every web application in “HTTPS” connection, which is very beneficial, especially when you are involved in many banking transactions.
NoScript has won many tech-awards for providing best and innovative work in online information security. On the other-side, security browser add-ons like WOT, AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, and other well-known extensions had criticized for its unusual behavior on their websites, due to which some of their functionalities had stopped to work.

If you want to have a prevailing browser extension for protect from unwanted and suspicious websites during online surfing, go for NoScript.

  • Version – 2.5.1
  • Setup File Size – 514.21 KB
  • Validity – Free
  • Operating Systems – Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, Server 2008