Friday, October 12, 2012

Combofix – Spyware and Malware Removal

Combofix is a special tool for removing spyware and malware related threats like Look2Me, QooLogic, etc and other kind of virus infections. It allows automatic as well as manual removal and a detailed report will be generated after the completion of process.

Combofix – Spyware and Malware Removal


Before installing Combofix, you should uninstall or disable all working antivirus or spyware removal softwares installed on your computer. Close all programs running on your desktop and then install, without the above process Combofix doesn’t work properly. After the installation, the program will create simple logs of the installation.

Combofix – Microsoft Windows Recovery Console

Install or Update to the latest version “Microsoft Windows Recovery Console” after the setting up Combofix as it asks during fixing some malicious infections.

During the Combofix operation, it backs up registry settings and creates a “System Restore Point” for rollback function. As said earlier, it allows manual and automatic removal option, but for inexperienced users it is recommended to enable manual removal as it cleans your PC deeply and thus some of the useful functions will not work appropriately.

Combofix – Registry Backup

The scanning function takes 10 minutes or more to complete and it is awesome in cleaning out hundreds of uninstalled files which are not deleted by other anti-spyware tools. After the completion of the whole process, Combofix asks for reboot.