Sunday, December 9, 2012

HitManPro 3 – True Cloud Computing Anti-Malware

You need to have separate anti-malware software to remove malicious programs like spyware, adware, malware, rootkits, worms, etc. whether you have an antivirus installed on your computer. HitManPro 3 software uses cloud computing anti-malware technology to detect and remove most of the distrustful viruses and malware related threats.

HitManPro 3 – True Cloud Computing Anti-Malware

HitManPro is developed by SurfRight to analyze the PC suspicious behavior and report the information to the scan cloud via the internet. This tool is popularly called as a second opinion scanner to save your computer from infected malware.

What is a Second Opinion Scanner?

Computers today get affected in spite of installing powerful antivirus programs and it is true that they will not offer you complete protection. So, relying on a single security software will not assure you 100% protection and it is time to go for a second source of protection which offers out-of-the-box security. It is not recommended to install another antivirus program which should obviously decline your PC’s performance and drastically it effects other applications as well.

HitManPro 3 – Second Opinion Scanner

Installing a separate security solution such as anti-malware, anti-rootit, anti-spyware, etc. would be a better solution for this problem and HitManPro 3 will be the right choice.

HitManPro 3 will not slow down your PC and moreover it offers you a “Free Scan” to check the security conflicts. When found any threat at the time of scan, it will remove automatically.


  • Can be installed on any USB flash drive or CD/DVD or hard drive.
  • Improved detection of Symmi malware. (NEW)
  • Behavioral Scan – Determines the action and activities of malware-related threats and suspicious files.
  • Scan Cloud – If any file(s) had found suspicious then, it sends that particular file(s) to Scan Cloud to confirm and it will respond in three ways – Safe, Malicious and Unknown. The “Unknown” file is scanned by 5 different antivirus tools in the Scan Cloud and answers you whether it is “safe” or “malicious”.
  • Malware Removal – The infected files are stored into quarantine and then removed.
  • It takes 3 minutes to scan your system.
  • Installs and Uninstalls without any issues.
  • Creates a log file of potentially harmful and suspicious threats that scanned and removed.
  • HitManPro can be used by computer users, Help Desk and Support Organizations, and Website owners.
HitManPro 3 – Interface Window

It is recommended to buy this software to utilize its complete features. The 30-day trial version is available for download.


Version – 3.6.2
Setup File Size – 8 MB
Price – 30-day free trial; $19.99 to buy
Operating Systems – Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and Server 2008