Thursday, January 3, 2013

Defraggler 2 – Safe and Secure Defragmentation

Defraggler is another PC utility from Piriform, which has developed CCleaner, the most famous maintenance and optimization tool in recent times. It performs defragmentation exactly what you want to i.e. complete hard drive or a disk partition or specific folders/files in a secure way. If one or two programs are performing well or lacked the consistency, you can use this tool to aim those particular programs and carry out defragmentation. As you know, the main advantage of defragmenting your PC hard disk is to improve its performance and speed of processing.

Defraggler 2.12 - Safe and Secure Defragmentation
Defraggler supports FAT32, NTFS and exFAT (file system specially designed for flash drives). The new version 2.12 now optimized for Windows 8 operating system and has added advanced crash reporting.


  • It uses the same method that Windows use when reading or writing a file. So, the risk of missing system files is very minute.
  • It cares more about your files that need defragmentation than showing impact on your PC. It uses very less system resources to defragment files.
  • Drive Map – Exhibits the blocks of hard drive that are not fragmented, or require defragmentation or empty.
  • Quick Defrag Mode - You can swiftly defrag when you don’t have time for full defrag which keeps your PC faster for few days.
  • To prevent further fragmentation, Defraggler arranges empty hard disk space for future use.
  • Schedule Defrag – Defragment when your PC is idle to run daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The new version supports 37 world-wide languages.
  • Supports RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) defragmentation.
  • Can be installed as a portable application on a USB or any flash drive.
  • It includes three defrag modes – Quick, Boot and Low-priority.
  • Finally, if you are looking for an alternative for Windows default defragmenter, then go for Defraggler which is risk-free and a free version will be sufficient in executing all required tasks in a safe way. You can also download the pro version of Defraggler which costs $30.
Defraggler 2.12 - Disk Defragmentation Interface

  • Version – 2.12
  • Setup File Size – 3.61 MB
  • Price – Free
  • Operating Systems – Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP