Sunday, February 3, 2013

AVG Internet Security 2013 30 Day Trial Free Download

The social networking and online transactions have been so common these days, but people take little care in protecting their personal credentials such as username, password, etc. You must require an ultimate internet security which will protect each of your online activities and stop hackers from stealing your sensitive information.

The popular security software vendor AVG is successful in removing most viruses and web-related threats and this time too it has released its ultimate protection internet security tool – AVG Internet Security 2013.

AVG Internet Security 2013 safeguards your online activities like browsing, banking, shopping, social networking, and many more. With its excellent performance, faster scans, advanced features and frequent updates, AVG IS 2013 will offer you next generation privacy protection.

Installation and Interface:

The 2013 installation process is continued with five setup screens which ought to be short and the whole thing would complete in 2 minutes. The installer file size is also reduced to 33MB and the reboot problem too has been solved as it isn’t required after the completion. The setup process also includes the optional toolbar of AVG (which provides the important browser security feature called ‘AVG Do Not Track’) and SafeSearch.

AVG Internet Security 2013 - Interface

The interface is kicked off with tremendous changes as it is optimized to support the touch screen systems and Windows 8. The appearance too was adapted from Windows 8 tiled Metro-style. The navigation part is easy and the customization level is also simple.


  • AVG Resident Shield – Also called as Anti-malware stops any malware trying to infect your PC.
  • AVG Anti-Rootkit – Detects and eliminates dangerous rootkits which can access a computer without your intervention.
  • AVG Protective Cloud Technology – Updates your antivirus program automatically and prevents newly emerging threats in infecting.
  • AVG LinkScanner – Finds any suspicious activity while you are browsing; checks every website you visit and blocks it.
  • AVG Email Scanner – Scans the email Inbox for malicious or infected attachments of SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc. that can damage your computer.
  • AVG Social Network Protection – Checks the links exchanged on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and keeps your social activity secure.
  • AVG Online Shield – Checks each file before they get downloaded onto your PC.
  • AVG Anti-Spam – Prevents online spam and scam while you are checking emails.
  • Identity Protection – Keeps your personal data safe and blocks cyber-criminals who are trying to steal it.
  • Anti-Spyware – Identity spyware and adware threats that track your sensitive information.
  • AVG Wi-Fi Guard – Avoids your PC in accessing unknown Wi-Fi networks or Wi-Fi hackers.
  • AVG Improved Firewall blocks malware that works on wireless and wired networks.
  • AVG Turbo Scan and Smart Scanner will reduce the security-scanning times and scan your PC smartly by shifting to low priority mode, only when the computer is idle.
  • Game Mode – Scan and update your PC when playing games (online/offline) and     prevents computer crashes, freezes, lags, etc.
  • AVG Accelerator – Increases the internet connection speeds and improves the video streaming experience while watching YouTube videos.
  • AVG Advisor – Recommends you some important steps to increase the internet speeds, improve bandwidth and memory consumption.
  • AVG Auto-Fix – With just one-click, it finds and removes all your PC problems.
  • AVG Auto-Updates would constantly update the virus definitions and maintain stable computer performance.
  • AVG Free Support – 24x7 Free Support with expert team.
AVG Internet Security 2013 - Smart Scanning

  • Quick Scan – 9 min 8 seconds
  • Full Scan – 1 hr 20 min
  • Boot Time Impact – 15 seconds
If you are looking for serious PC and Internet security software for perfect protection levels, AVG Internet Security is worth-trying, as you can see the huge list of features that make your mouth wide open. You can also download the free AVG antivirus with limited features. The confusing part is the AVG Antivirus 2013 Pro version which will have the same features as AVG Internet Security 2013, but produced separately.

  • Version – 2013
  • Setup File Size – 4.23 MB
  • Price – 30 Day Trial; $43.99 to buy
  • Operating Systems – Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista