Sunday, February 17, 2013

Macrium Reflect 5.1 Free Edition – Free Disk Imaging and Cloning

You will want to upgrade your hard disk or change to the latest operating system as well as wanting to backup all the important data on your PC like photos, documents, music and emails safely to another storage device. But you cannot always have a mass storage device to stock up everything you need. You require a better storage space such as secure online storage.

Macrium Reflect 5.1 Free Edition – Free Disk Imaging and Cloning

Macrium Reflect Free is actually called as disk imaging and cloning software developed for Windows operating system by Paramount Software UK Ltd. It backs up your important data to local, network and USB devices in addition to DVDs.

The latest version Macrium Reflect Free 5.1 build 5603 updated with few advancements and bug fixes which are not specified in the product information.

Installation and Interface:

The easy to use interface makes your life easy in creating disk backup and imaging, but the freeware limits some of its features which are present in its paid version. But the free version happened to be right for home users who doesn’t require to backup huge amount of data.

Macrium Reflect 5.1 Free Edition – Interface

Installation is easy but sometimes a bit confusing. It strongly recommends purchasing the software. Before you get started, it suggests few online tutorials and in-built ‘Help’ file which are very helpful in understanding its features and options.


  • Supports Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT). (NEW)
  • Shows drive letter for bootable USB Flash media. (NEW)
  • Includes Verification Time for image and backup total time. (NEW)
  • 70 local attached disks are scanned at start-up. (NEW)
  • When creating bootable rescue media, the compatibility check for Flash drives is increased. (NEW)
  • Disk Imaging – It creates backup images to optimize the speed and storage requirements. The data is encrypted using AES encryption algorithm.
  • File Backup – It supports full, incremental and differential backup methods. The important files can be backed up on virtual drive or mounted drive letter in Windows Explorer which can be easily restored.
  • You can even schedule the backup process which is very handy when you are not available to process manually.
  • Disk Cloning – Duplicates the data on one disk to another disk directly by taking the source disk image, ensuring the disk signatures and data structures are consequent on the destination disk.
  • System Recovery – Because the disk partition cannot be restored while Windows is running, Macrium Reflect Free started another operating system using a Live CD. A Live CD uses customized Linux kernel that overwrites the disk partition.
  • Has the ability to redeploy file and image to new hardware in the case of system or hardware failure.
  • Supports RAID i.e. Windows Preinstalled Environment 3 Rescue Media.
  • Windows 8 support.
Macrium Reflect 5.1 Free Edition – Disk Image Wizard

Macrium Reflect is also available in Standard, Pro and Server editions which have many advanced features like File and Folder backup, Disk Space Management, Password protection and encryption, etc.

  • Version – 5.1
  • Setup File Size – 32 MB
  • Price – Free; upgradable to Pro version
  • Operating Systems – Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP