Friday, February 15, 2013

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free v2.1 – Lightweight Antivirus Protection

Panda security service happens to be the first b software released while all other security softwares consuming more system resources instead of cloud server. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1 is the latest version which comes as free with amazing detection rates and lesser PC performance impact.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free v2.1

Compared to other free security suites, Panda normally consumes limited system resources and shows very little impact on the system’s performance. As it offers maximum performance for PC, some of the features are missing that are present in other security softwares.

The latest version Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1 has added some new features such as improved scanning speeds, less CPU consumption, improved silent background scan, advanced configuration and nonetheless the new graphic installer. Various errors and bugs were also fixed like registering with Windows Security Center, etc.


The installer downloads the local files for computer’s offline protection and because of this course of action, the installation process takes about 5 minutes to complete. The process contains a toolbar which is optional, but upon installing your default browser search provider and home page.


The interface remains the same with little changes in feature presentation, but the fact is this is not the best interface in attractive sense. The security status and the scanning process are shown at the top with Firewall, Processes and Vaccine. The USB Vaccination is not automated in Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.1 free version, although present in ‘PRO’ version.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free v2.1 - Interface


  • It offers real-time antivirus and antispyware engine which protects most of the viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, malware and other potentially dangerous threats.
  • Behavioral Analysis Protection – Detects and removes malware that operates zero-day vulnerabilities before it infects your PC.
  • Process Monitor – Determines any suspicious processes running that vulnerable in nature and neutralizes them instantly.
  • URL & Web Filtering – Blocks away the phishing websites and suspicious URLs.
  • It updates the virus definitions frequently and automatically from the cloud server.
Panda Cloud Antivirus Free v2.1 - USB Vaccination

If you wish to have a lightweight antivirus program which offers basic cloud-based real-time protection, go for Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1. If there is any other security program which is already installed in your PC, Cloud Antivirus blocks them without any notice. So, it is recommended to place those programs in exclusion list to get rid of this problem.

  • Version – 2.1
  • Setup File Size – 789 KB
  • Price – Free; upgradable to Pro version
  • Operating Systems – Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000