Saturday, March 23, 2013

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 – Find and Remove Duplicate Files/Folders

You may not find files or folders in your PC which with the same label replicated by other softwares installed on your computer. And no novice user can find those files quickly. Those may be duplicate documents, music, photos and other files which may cause potential damage to your PC. Duplicate Cleaner is an immensely helpful PC utility that cleans up clutter from your hard disk drive easily and safely, saving space and time.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 – Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate Cleaner however has the intuitive user interface to find same or similar files differentiated by dates and sizes. Click “Select” to see the available files. You can search by folder, file type or filter criteria. You can also limit the range of file size.

The latest version of Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.1 has added manual with contextual help buttons for easy understanding. Let’s see the complete features of Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.1.

Find Duplicate Files and Folders:

Look for duplicate files and folders with customizing your search by file types, dates, sizes and more. You will also get an option to search specific drives and folders such as in Zip archives. If you made a copy of a directory, the tool will show you the inner files/folders like a tree directory which is easy for you to browse.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 – Search Criteria

Selection Assistant:

It is recommended to review the duplicate files before you remove it, because some system files may also have the same name or size. Duplicate Cleaner has an option called “Selection Assistant” to select files by groups, dates, drives, folders, etc. You can also select a folder as your favorite and remove files that duplicate it in a different place.

Delete, Move or Rename Your Files Safely:

Delete the duplicate files safely by sending them to Recycle Bin or move them to another place to make sure that important system files and programs aren’t removed. You could also rename them for further usage. For advanced users, the Hard Linking functionality is offered.

Find Duplicate Images:

This superior visual comparison technique can locate images that have been flipped, resized, rotated or saved in an unusual format. The built-in image browser helps you to outlook the duplicate images depending on its size, date, and color depth. Duplicate Cleaner caches the repeated images by storing it with “fingerprints” and when scanned again, the fingerprint will be used to scan it against a new folder.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 – Image Preview

Find Duplicate Music:

Scan and Find the audio files of various formats such as MP3, WMA, M4A, M4P, OGG, AAC and WAV by tag information like Title, Artist, and Album. You can compare only the audio file without the tag information. Duplicate Cleaner shows you the list of any audio file with its length, bit rate or sample rate apart from the usual tag info.

Search Filtering and Locations:

Filter by file extension, size, and dates. You can exclude system files/folders, zero size files, NTFS Mountpoints/Junctions and hard linked files. You can search local or network drives, UNC network resource paths, external device such as USB or Camera, in Zip files, etc.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 has multithreaded scanning and deletion option with fully Unicode compatible which can load and save results or scan profiles. Summing up all the above, we can say that Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 is an exceptional file management and optimization tool for intermediate and advanced users. But, this tool is not recommended for novice users as they may remove needed files unintentionally without enough knowledge.

Download Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.1 which is supported by Windows 7, Vista and XP from below link.