Friday, March 29, 2013

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 5.8 – All in One Backup and System Recovery

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 5.8 - Backup and System RecoveryThose who are looking for professional way of backing up data and system Recovery, EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a complete solution which can protect your system data from abrupt crashes, disasters and failures. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a comprehensive backup utility especially made for home users for safeguarding your files which includes documents, videos, music and many more.

The latest version 5.8 is a full-featured backup and recovery way out that supports GPT boot and improved third-party software compatibility.

You can access the interface easily with well-organized features and tools. The “Home” tab includes the main options like Backup, Recovery, Clone and other tools. You can administer backup plan like editing or deleting in the “Management” tab. In “Logs” tab, you can view the recent log information of data backup, data cloning, disk partition, etc.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 5.8 - Main Interface

If you want to upgrade to the full version, just click “Upgrade” tab and the rest will be easy to work on. The Home or Full version contains more advanced tools like differential backup, NAS destination, and free tech support. EaseUS Todo Backup is also available with complete features for small workstations with low price.

How to Use EaseUS Todo Backup?

1. When you open the application, click on ‘Backup’ in the ‘Home’ tab. You can backup your data in two ways – File or Disk/Partition. Click on ‘File’ and select the desired files or folders or else you can click ‘Disk/Partition’ to backup entire system disk or partition. You can also view the disk information like type, size, etc.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 5.8 - Disk Partition Backup

2. Select the target location for backing up files using ‘Destination’ below the disk/partition information. You can even schedule the backup and customize some backup options. Name and describe the backup plan in ‘Plan name’ and ‘Description’ fields for future use.


  • File and Folder Backup – Securely backup your personal data including documents, pictures, emails, music, applications, videos, and other important files.
  • Backup complete disk or partition to image so that your work isn’t interrupted while system failures or crashes and instantly recover the data instead of reinstalling Windows and other software.
  • You can Automatically Schedule at specific time interval, system startup or shutdown or at user session login/logout.
  • Incremental Backup – This feature will save your time and disk space by making a duplicate of modified files since last backup.
  • Backup Management – You can change the backup plan, execute the alterations instantly, delete image files, and convert a disk image to VMware Virtual disk format that is .VMDK or .VHD and then mount directly into a virtual machine.
  • Mount/Unmount – You can explore or copy files to a disk and mount it to a virtual partition which is assigned by a drive letter. Also you can unmount the partition whenever needed.
  • Image Splitting and Compression – Split an image to several pieces of particular size for device storage purpose. You can burn the backup files to DVD/CD. Whereas the Image Compression will save disk space by compacting the backup image with high compression level.
  • Set Backup Process Priority to run faster or slower which lead to the performance variations.
  • Protect your image file with a strong password of AES encryption, so that no other person can access your backup files.
  • Disaster Recovery – Quickly restore your important files from backed up image at the time of system crash, error, hardware failure, virus attack or hacker intrusion, etc.
  • Disk/Partition Clone – Copy or move all your data to a different hard disk without reinstalling operating systems and applications.
  • Wipe out all your private information on the disk or partition when needed to protect your identity.
  • Get Email Notifications of backup operations from the administrator.
  • Shutdown or reboot computer before or after a scheduled backup with pre-defined commands.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free 5.8 - Backup Management

The main reason to choose EaseUS Todo Backup Home Edition is its comprehensive incremental backup which restores your computer to the original state when any software or hardware failure occurs. Download EaseUS Todo Backup Free Edition 5.8 from below link.