Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 – Anti-Theft and Anti-Malware Protection

Kaspersky delivers security version – Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 for mobiles which is used to protect your personal data from malware, identity threats and in the case of theft or loss. Because many online transactions are done through mobile, the sensitive information such as contacts, messages, credit card details, etc. should be kept safe if you want to sustain your mobile for longer years.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is the latest version optimized for Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows mobiles. The download charges are free, but you can also download the premium version of it for $14.95 for 1 year/phone. The premium security version has more enhanced protection features that will keep your Smartphone safe. Let’s check out the free and premium features briefly.

Features (Free):

  • Malware protection with on-demand scanning
  • Protects your phone and data from theft and loss
  • Filters useless calls and SMS texts
  • Works silently in background to conserve performance
Features (Premium):
  • Real-time Malware Protection
  • Scan downloaded apps automatically
  • Blocks phishing websites
  • Inspects text messages for dangerous malware links
  • Conceals your contacts, texts, private calls, and logs
The interface of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is very simple with well-built online component, but has issues when used frequently. When you install the product, it will prompt you to create Kaspersky account which is done is highly recommended because the messages and reports are sent to your account when your phone is lost or stolen. The password should also be strong enough with 12-digit length.

Anti-Theft Protection:

Your phone may be lost or stolen, in that situation the “Anti-Theft Web Management” provides complete control so that you can access your phone remotely with activated anti-theft commands. You can see the succeeding results in recent log information. With “Lock and Locate” feature, you can send a customized message to your missing phone and block it right away to conceal your private data. Kaspersky Mobile Security also utilizes GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi connections to show your missing phone’s location via Google Maps.

Wipe out entire personal data such as call history, text messages, contacts, social network accounts, etc. when you are unable to recover your missing phone. This can be done remotely through “Data Wipe” feature. You can also delete complete data on SD Card and reset the device to default factory settings remotely.

When you are nearby the missing location, you can activate the “Alarm” function so that your phone produces a loud sound. The “Mugshot” feature helps in taking the photographs of the person who took your phone without authorization. The images are directly to your personal Kaspersky account. If the SIM card is changed, the new number will be messaged to the Kaspersky account.

Internet Protection:

As internet is the main medium of security threats, your Smartphone has to be protected against malicious and fraudulent links and phishing text messages. This can be done using Kaspersky’s Secure Browsing and the new Text Anti-Phishing features.

Antivirus Protection:

You can check the downloaded apps and files using on-demand scans which include Full, Folder, Memory and installed apps scans. The anti-malware features provide real-time protection against emerging threats. You can set the automatic scan for your downloaded and updated apps.

Call & Text Filtering:

Make a list of trusted and unreliable phone numbers from incoming calls and texts and create Whitelist and Blacklist, where the Whitelist has the trusted and Blacklist has the unwanted numbers. You can automatically block calls & texts from unknown, hidden and non-numeric numbers. Filter the numbers by text messages or calls or both.

Privacy Protection:

You can control what others can see and access whenever they pick up your phone such as hiding contacts, calls, SMS texts and logs with just a single-click.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 supports Android 2.2 to 4.2 versions with minimum 320x480 resolutions. Look at the supported platforms and its features below table. You can download Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 from Kaspersky official website from Google Play.