Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Minecraft – Build Anything You Imagine

If you are fond of creating wonderful and imaginative things such as crafting or building structures, then Minecraft will be your best time spending game. Minecraft, as the name says you have to build innovative structures with given blocks at first. But as the game progress, you have to secure the crafted building from night monsters by safeguarding it with another crafted structure.

Minecraft – Build Anything You Imagine

Minecraft is a game of time-passing and mind-bending testing your innovative and imaginative skills. The graphics of the game is not at all impressive and has no real direction or plot to guide you as the game progresses. You will be just given a land to build a world of your imagination with the provided resources. You can skip the graphics part, if you don’t have a problem with it even if it looks ugly.

Minecraft game was developed by Markus “Notch” Persson, a Swedish programmer and later on a full version was released on November, 2011 by Mojang.  This game was developed and released on many platforms such as Android, iOS, Xbox 360, including the PC version.

There are four Gameplay modes available in Minecraft PC game namely, Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Multiplayer mode.

  1. In the first mode i.e. Survival mode, players have to collect natural resources around the environment for crafting definite blocks and items.
  2. In Creative mode, players can instantly place or remove items and resources through the inventory menu.
  3. In the Adventure mode, players could knowledge user crafted custom maps and adventures.
  4. Coming to the final mode – Multiplayer, it enables multiple players to act together and communicate through local area network or interconnected computer without a server.
Minecraft – Crafted Area

As Minecraft does not provide any “Help” file or guidance to teach you the sustenance in the game, you have to search online for custom guides to get the most out of the game. Minecraft’s comfortability zone is very-low for inexperienced users, but when playing on a network, the gameplay and mechanics would be just fine.

You can download different free or trial versions of Minecraft which include PC, Android, iOS and Xbox 360. The game is supported in all Windows OS except Windows 8.