Sunday, March 10, 2013

Razer Game Booster 3.5 – Improve Gaming Performance

Every game player wants a smooth and clutter-free gaming experience, but to some extent many programs consume more than required resources in PC. Thus, the performance level also drops off and the gaming speed would slow down. To boost the gaming speed and obtain the best performance out of your computer, IOBIT and Razer team has developed an amazing tool called Razer Game Booster, which will enhance PC performance by shutting down the needless system resources.

The latest version Razer Game Booster 3.5.6 has some tweaks and geeks. The newer version is compatible with Anti-cheat softwares like PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, etc.

The concept of disabling the system resources is not new to many PC users, but there are no dedicated tools especially for gaming progression and optimization. Razer Game Booster is listed in Maintenance and Optimization tools, where the top contenders such as CCleaner, Wise Care 365, and Windows Doctor are present.

The perception of Razer Game Booster is very simple. It works in three modes – Game, Calibrate and Share mode. We’ll see each of them briefly.

Game Mode:

It customizes the system settings for gaming, cleans RAM, strengthen processor performance and temporarily shut downs the background processes. All these things happen as soon as you switch to “Game Mode”.

In the Game Mode, you can pick up your favorite game listed and click the “Launch” button to perform the above task of optimization. You can also configure the processes in “Temporarily Shutdown Settings” as it also provides the in-detail information of your PC like memory, running services, CPU usage, etc.

Calibrate Mode:

In Calibrate Mode, you will be provided with options like Tweak, Defrag and updating outdated drivers. Razer Game Booster finds the outdated hardware drivers and installs them instantly. Secondly, with “Tweak” tool you can automatically analyze your PC and improve all game settings. Finally, using “Defrag” tool you can manage the game file folders to run more effectively.

The “Tweak” tool includes an “Expert Mode” where you could access various processes and services for optimizing. You can also restore or rollback the tweak settings to Windows defaults.

Share Mode:

Record your favorite game using “Share Mode” where you can create tutorials and witness real-time audio/video. You could also capture screenshots in “Share Mode”. Customize the way you show/hide your frames per second, record high-quality Gameplay footage and screenshot in-game capture. You can share your much loved gaming moments and scenes with your friends.

The problems found in Razer Game Booster are with some titles, minimal increase on tuned systems and there is a big list of features which is both confusing and annoying. Although it has some cons, Razer Game Booster 3.5 is highly-recommended if you are hard-core game player and wants smooth gaming experience. Download the latest version with the below link.