Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vuze 4.9 Free – Great BitTorrent Client to Download Torrents

Vuze, formerly called as Azureus is a powerful BitTorrent Client to download data associated with torrent files. It is the only BitTorrent client consists of rich features with Java-enabled Azureus engine. It allows users to watch, publish and share novel video content of different categories such as TV shows, music videos, movies, video games, and other stuff. If the content is proved to unique and original, you could make money from it.

Vuze 9.8 Free - BitTorrent Client Download

Vuze is a lightweight application that quickly downloads content from torrent websites without affecting the computer’s performance. The download speed also increases if the torrent has sufficient peers and leechers.

Vuze 4.9 is the latest version released with options like XML torrents, IP filters, firewall tests, UPnP plug-ins, and social networking. You have to install Java to run the application which is mandatory to initiate many features.

Interface and Installation:

The interface is visually attractive yet simple to understand. The newest version replaces Advanced tab with My Library. When you install the application for the first-time, a three-step guide is launched that helps to accustomed to the latest Vuze. Compared to utorrent, Vuze consumes more installation space for about 100MB.

Vuze 9.8 Free - Interface

Meta Search:

You will be provided with “Search” boxes where you can find content from multiple torrent sites. You can filter the keyword search by file size, category and torrent sites which is well-appreciated. The Meta Search offers you the complete torrent search experience on the web.
Torrent Download Subscriptions:

Click “Subscribe” to enable content subscriptions with similar substance in your library.  The related content will be brought to your Sidebar whenever new shows, episodes, etc are available.

Faster Downloads:

With the integration of Java-enabled engine, the download speeds are high, provided the most reliable and optimized settings are available. Download multiple torrents at once with customized priority control. The download speed would be fasten with HTTP Seeds, multiple DHT source location, intelligent peers from multiple trackers, direct local peer sharing and of course quicker initiation of hosted files.

You can watch Full Screen HD content with smooth playback that has no buffering delay. You can also view content offline on planes, trains, automobiles, etc. before you download the actual content.

Vuze 9.8 Free - Faster Downloads

Vuze Remote:

With a web browser on computer or Smartphone, you can safely control Vuze Client using Vuze's Remote function. Visit and control remotely all the Vuze torrent downloads over the web.

HD Video Player:

Vuze includes a fast, lightweight HD video player where you play all video formats like AVI, XVID, Quicktime, MP$ and many more. Click “Play” to instantly watch your torrent videos with subtitles of different languages.

Video Conversion & Device Playback:

Play and convert videos for multimedia devices such as Android, Blackberry, Apple, Xbox 360, PlayStation, PSP and Tivo. Watch 720p or 1080p videos in Vuze HD video collection.

A smart video conversion is available where you can convert videos to MKV, DIVX, WMV, AVI, H.264, MPEG-4 and many more video formats. Drag and Drop videos from your PC to the required device and conversion will be completed by Vuze translator and converter.

Download Vuze 4.9 version from its official website for free and please do install Java to run the application smoothly.