Monday, April 22, 2013

Glary Utilities Pro 2.54 – Optimal System Care

Glary Utilities Pro 2.54 – Optimal System CareA Professional version of Glary Utilities is here to maximize your PC protection and optimize the performance level such that your computer maintains consistent speed without any registry errors or startup hitches. Glary Utilities Pro is a complete optimizing tool that can clean and boost your Windows performance automatically with powerful tools. It works silently in the background and provides ultimate protection with nearly practical tools.

Glary Utilities Pro comprises of robust tools and options used to fix many PC problems with just a single click. The latest version 2.54 includes unspecified updates and improvements. The Pro version is available for 30-day trial download while you can purchase it for $27.97 from its official website.

This tool is handy for home users with low-security issues such as registry errors, duplicate files, junk files, invalid startup entries, malicious internet traces, etc. For these predicaments, Glary Utilities Pro offers numerous easy-to-use tools which include disk cleaner, registry cleaner, memory optimizer, startup manager, tracks eraser, file encrypter, spyware remover etc.

What You Can Do With Glary Utilities Pro?

  • You can clean system junk files, invalid registry entries, and internet browser traces to speed up the PC performance.
  • You can block virus, spyware, Trojans, adware, and other malicious entries.
  • You can fix certain application errors.
  • You can manage browser add-ons as well as remove them.
  • You can analyze disk space usage.
  • You can find duplicate files.
  • You can inspect and manage installed shell extensions.
  • You can encrypt important files and folders which are vulnerable to unauthorized users.
  • You can split large files into smaller pieces and rejoin them so that we can manage for other processes.
  • And many more……
Glary Utilities Pro 2.54 – Main Interface

As told by many techies, Glary Utilities Pro is the safest and most proficient system utility in the market available today. It is finely designed with tabbed interface which include Status, 1-Click Maintenance, Modules, and Menu on the top. The “Status” tab embraces the current program status, license status and the significant Auto-care settings, where you can change its options and schedule time.

The “1-Click Maintenance” contains optimization features Temporary Files Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, Tracks Eraser, Startup Manager, and Spyware Remover. You can choose what features to run and then click “Scan for Issues” button to fix the respective problems. Whereas, in the “Modules” section, you can choose only those tools which you want to run. It includes Clean Up & Repair, Optimize & Improve, Privacy & Security, Files & Folders, and System Tools. In “Menu” section, you can find miscellaneous options like Restore Center, Settings, Skins, FAQ, etc.

Glary Utilities Pro 2.54 – Settings

Key Features:

  • One-click Maintenance – Provides one click solution with quick and deep scan for registry issues, invalid shortcuts, authorized startup items, junk or temporary files, malicious internet traces, and spyware.
  • Clean Up & Repair – Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, and Uninstall Manager.
  • Optimize & Improve – Startup Manager, Memory Optimizer, Context Menu Manager, and Registry Defrag.
  • Privacy & Security – Tracks Eraser, File Shredder, File Undelete, and File Encrypter and Decrypter.
  • Files & Folders – Disk Analysis, Duplicate Files Finder, Empty Folders Finder, and File Splitter and Joiner.
  • System Tools – Process Manager, Internet Explorer Assistant, System Information, and Windows Standard Tools.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.
  • It provides Automatic care in the background when your computer is idle.
  • Cleans, Optimizes, and boosts your system speed and performance.
Glary Utilities Pro 2.54 – Toolbox

Glary Utilities Pro 2.54 has small installer file less than 6.32MB and takes very low installation space. It is designed for Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista and 2000 (both 32/64-bit versions). You can purchase it with advanced features like Automatic care, improved optimization and cleaning, free 24x7 technical support, and allowance for commercial use.

If you recommend Glary Utilities Pro to at least 15 people, provided they purchase and install it, you can get a free license key. You can also download the 30-day trial version for free with limited features from below link.