Friday, April 5, 2013

Hotspot Shield 2.8 – Security, Privacy, Access to Devices

Whether it is a PC, Mobile or Tablet, the most important thing all have to consider when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is security. There should be an Encryptor like VPN service to block malware attacks and thus ensuring complete security to your web browsing activities. Hotspot Shield is a popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which comes as both free and paid subscriptions.

Hotspot Shield 2.8 – Security, Privacy, Access to Devices

Hotspot Shield offers wide-range of features that isolates your browsing session, detects malicious threats like virus, malware, spyware, etc and blocks them instantly, consequently safeguarding your privacy. The program mainly aims at malware protection preventing hackers and intruders scrutinizing your internet browsing activities.

Why VPN?

Virtual Private Network, in short VPN creates separate network between your PC or mobile and the program’s internet gateway. Thus, anybody who tries to penetrate through the network fails to achieve the target. The un-infiltrated network tunnel stops unauthorized users entering your private area.

Key Features:

  • Encrypts your browsing session, online shopping, and online personal identity using a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Hides your system IP address due to privacy concerns and start private browsing right away.
  • Bypass Firewalls and access all private web content without authorship or censorship.
  • Protects your online identity at Wi-Fi hotspots, corporate offices, shopping malls, hotels, and airports.
  • Works on both wireless and wired connections.
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.
Hotspot Shield 2.8 – Network Detection

Secure Browsing:

With the revolt of Smartphones and Tablets, the use of internet is augmented and the security concerns also increased. The secret information such as credit card details, passwords, and other online identities have been the main target of hackers and web intruders. Hotspot Shield provides a better solution for secure browsing in the form of Data Encryption and Hiding IP Address.

Hotspot Shield 2.8 for Android and Tablet

The application detects over 3 million malware websites from Hotspot Shield web servers and blocks them instantaneously before they enter your device whether it is a PC, Mac, iPhone or an Android. Hotspot Shield also replaces your device IP address with its own address, thus hiding the real location from anonymous web users.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security:

Most of the public hotspots are unencrypted posing severe problems to the user identity. At the time of online transactions, downloading or instant messaging, Hotspot Shield encrypts the network traffic with strong encryption algorithm and prevents cybercriminals from spying or disturbing your internet activity. As a result, you can browse internet secretly via Wi-Fi without any worry and hassle.

Hotspot Shield 2.8 – PC Connection Interface

Access Blocked Web Content:

Places like at school, university, office or the library, some websites are blocked by the network administrator. The administrator restricts in accessing Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, and gaming websites. Hotspot Shield could easily unblock these restrictions and gain access. It passes the network bypass filters and firewalls and authorizes the blocked web content.

Hotspot Shield can even unblock certain government websites which are restricted based on location. You can detour Geo-restriction settings and browser uncensored content you wish to.

If you want to have advanced unblocking bandwidth compression, anti-phishing features, go for Hotspot Shield ELITE subscription which is $29.95 with no ads, dedicated customer support, cloud-based malware protection, and virtual location based TV viewing. You can also attempt the 7-day trial with the above features. Or else, you can download the free edition but with ads which is annoying for most of the users.