Thursday, April 25, 2013

RoboForm Free/Pro 7.8 for Windows, Android and iPhone

RoboForm Free Pro 2.8 for Windows, AndroidDifficult remembering username and passwords of many websites? Want to have a secure tool for login or fill forms with just a single click? Then, RoboForm is the ultimate tool for easy login on any computer or device available which saves your precious time and feel secure in all possible ways. RoboForm is a powerful password management tool also used for filling forms automatically. RoboForm is basically a secure place that stores all your significant identities like usernames, passwords, name, country, postal code, and many things with just one click.

RoboForm is developed by Siber Systems and you can access it literally from anywhere provided it supports many platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and of course USB drives. It is available for many web browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, etc. For accessing desktops and multiple devices, you can utilize one license “RoboForm Everywhere” which is a professional version with a simplified price - $9.95 per year.

How it Works?
  1. After installing RoboForm, it prompts you to create a master password for data encryption. This password must be kept safe and should enter only when needed in order to manage all the other passwords and other data.
  2. The master password should be very strong as it is a prime credential for all encrypted data.
  3. And, then it prompts to create an identity for a website, forum, account or any web page with filling available fields.
  4. When you visit a webpage, the Auto-form filler remembers the particular data or user credentials and fills out those fields with usernames, passwords and other data securely.
RoboForm Free Pro 2.8 - Verify Online Account

The latest version RoboForm 7.8 adds few important features to it such as synchronizing Most Recently Used (MRU) less often, fixing the empty conflict dialog notification, fixing AutoSync option which was not started because of no Master Password. It activates the RF-EW subscription expiration and notify user if the subscription has been extended.

New Features:

  • Improved Look and Feel with organized menu, updated icons, and quick process flow.
  • Available on new browsers like Google Chrome, Safari for Windows.
  • Available on mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian.
  • You can synchronize all your identities, logins and bookmarks seamlessly between all your desktops and devices.
  • Improved Password Capture made it easier to view, capture and pile up all your passwords.
  • New Information Bar” hints a Login name based on the website name so that you can effortlessly customize the name and storage location.
  • New Multiple Login Feature will easily sign-in several websites at once when you click ‘Batch Login’ button.
  • Improved Bookmark Management where you can import bookmarks from your existing browsers or organize them by drag-n-drop facility. You can even sync between all your computers and mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Organized Menus and Language Support.
  • Displays your Most Popular Logins.
  • Improved Website Icons in the Logins List making it easier to identity.
RoboForm Free Pro 2.8 - Menu Options

Depending upon the requirement you can choose RoboForm free, Desktop and Everywhere versions. If you want to remember passwords, auto login, fill forms with one-click, and encrypt the data then, choose free version. If you require advanced features than free version including unlimited logins, email support, multiple profiles and free updates then, choose Desktop version. Finally, if you wish ultimate features then choose Everywhere version, which include major updates, Automatic Sync, Mobile Device Support, unlimited computers/devices and above features.

RoboForm Free Pro 2.8 - Toolbar

Key Features:

  • One-Click Logins and Form Filling.
  • Strong AES 256 Encryption with additional security options.
  • Cross Browser Support integrates with many web browsers.
  • Cross Platform Support works with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.
  • Mobile Support where you access your RoboForm data on different mobile platforms.
  • Synchronize and Backup securely across multiple computers and devices.
  • Access your data from anywhere with RoboForm Everywhere.
  • 24x7 Customer Support with professionals.
  • Complete USB Portability with RoboForm2Go where you can take your passwords with you.
  • Full Control and Flexibility to access your data anytime, from any computer or device.
  • Securely saves contacts and transfers them anywhere.
  • Stores sensitive information such as ATM pins, credit card information, with highly-encrypted RoboForm Safenotes.
  • Create Secure Passwords with RoboForm Password Generator.
  • Fills out data only when the correct web domain is showed up, thus preventing phishing attacks. 
  • Search anything from your toolbar using automated RoboForm SearchCards feature.
  • Securely transfer RoboForm data or Safenotes with your friends or family.
  • Provides On-screen keyboard to enter your RoboForm Master Passwords which is very much recommended.
RoboForm Free Pro 2.8 - Fill Options

Download RoboForm 30-day trial version for free from its official website or purchase your required version based on the platform or device.