Monday, May 6, 2013

Free Keylogger 3.7 – Track and Record Web Browsing

There are some programs called Keyloggers which can record users computer activity when they type anything with keyboard. Keyloggers are used by hackers to steal others important data. It can be vulnerable to your system as it records keystrokes and web browsing. The same keyloggers can also be employed as monitoring tool to supervise children in order to maintain safety.

Free Keylogger” is a computer application which can track and record keystrokes of web browsing and clipboard activity of your child. Free Keylogger is designed to monitor the child’s activity and track their internet usage. You can know what your children are doing on computer.

How Free Keylogger Works?

It captures everything that is typed on keyboard including emails, chats, passwords, documents, and other web activity. Then, it stores detailed report on the internet usage secretly on your hard drive for future usage. You can reveal or unhide the usage report using a special hot key and thus the program is concealed for everyone except you.

Key Features:

  • Protects your children from unsafe and treacherous online contacts and emails.
  • Monitors your child’s visited websites without their permission.
  • Protects your girl from dating sites and programs which will create virutal flirt that would break moral values and results in illegal relationships.
  • Monitors your employees computer and internet activities that will affect your business. This would be helpful in catching out suspects who are decreasing your company’s productivity.
  • You can recover important data that is lost in text editor at times when your system stucks or freezes unexpectedly.
  • Spy everything you need to track and monitor.
  • Invisible for “Add/Remove Programs
  • Invisible for “Ctrl+Alt+Del” (Task Manager)
  • Keystrokes Logging, Clipboard Monitoring, and Internet Navigation Monitoring.
Fig. Displays Visited Websites Report
The Interface is tiny but has collection of quality controls and features like calendar for quick reports, Invisibility settings, etc. When you start the application in hidden mode, set “Hidden Mode” hot keys to hide/unhide it. The program contains a text document which shows the logging time, browser, window, username and keystrokes. The program could also create detailed report of particular day’s activity and subsequently delete them if you wish to.

This monitoring tool is more useful to parents and business owners which emphasize the importance of monitoring children and employees. Download Free Keylogger 3.7 for free from below link.