Thursday, May 23, 2013

PerformanceTest 8.0 – Analyze and Tweak Your PC Performance

PerformanceTest 8.0 - Analyze and Tweak PC PerformancePerformanceTest 8.0 is one of the system diagnostic tools, which allows you to test computer performance against other users PCs and statistics. In that way, you can analyze your computer’s strong and weak points and tweak them easily. PerformanceTest is developed by ‘Passmark Software’ which puts your system through thrity-two unique tests that covers all phases of computing performance.

The new version 8.0 has included baseline ID search to advanced search options and fixed few bugs. It comes with huge built-in baselines for machine comparison. You can evaluate the PerformanceTest 8.0 product for 30 days and then go for purchasing. It is supported by Windows 8, 7, 2008, Vista, XP SP3 and 2003 Server operating systems. The android version is also available which can be downloaded via Google Play.

The main objective of Passmark PerformanceTest is to offer different speed tests and judge against the other computers results. Once you purchase the product, you could freely shift the software between as many machines as required and most importantly there is no online activation, expiry or annual fee.

PerformanceTest 8.0 - Main Interface

Key Features:

  • Tests your PC for best performance.
  • Compare the results with other machines.
  • Calculate the consequence of configuration changes and upgrades.
  • Create your own benchmark scenarios using the advanced tests.
  • Five test suites are available that includes 32 standard benchmark tests.
  • Seven advanced testing windows for custom benchmarking i.e. which are configurable such as Advanced Disk, CD/DVD, 3D graphics, Networking, Memory, Visualized Physics and DirectCompute.
  • Comprehensive Online Help.
  • To store your own information alongside the saved benchmark result, you can have a customizable “Notes” field.
  • The resultant system information includes CPU type, speed, Total RAM, Video Hardware, Cluster size, etc.
  • You can export outcome to Text, HTML, GIF, and BMP formats easily.
  • Each test suite has a summary ‘Mark’ figure along with the calculation of the Passmark Rating.
  • The standard test results of PerformanceTest 8.0 contains CPU Tests with encryption, 2D graphics tests such as bitmaps, GUI elements, etc., 3D graphics tests such as complex DirectX 3D graphics & animations, Disk Tests, and Memory Tests.
PerformanceTest 8.0 - System Information

The interface has tabbed-menu at the top and the middle layer comprises of three main tasks to Run Benchmark, Manage Baselines, and set Preferences. The ‘System’ tab shows the information about PerformanceTest, System, CPU, etc. It has options to load/save baselines, export results, and print them. You can install PerformanceTest software to a USB drive so that you can test on any machine.

The latest version PerformanceTest 8.0 requires 1280x1024 pixel display with 1GB RAM and DirectX 9.0c or higher version. The only limitation is its 30-day free trial which needs to be extended. Download PerformanceTest 8.0 30-day trial or purchase with the below link.