Friday, May 3, 2013

SuperAntiSpyware Free/Pro 5.6 – Advanced Spyware Detection and Removal

SuperAntiSpyware Free and Professional 5.6SuperAntiSpyware is the greatly improved anti-spyware tool available in the market which removes most of the dangerous software and ActiveX components from your hard disk drives, registry and removable media. Since, spyware has been the threatening people’s personal identity without their knowledge a strong spyware remover like SuperAntiSpyware could easily scan and delete those spyware and malware too.

SuperAntiSpyware Free 5.6 is the latest version that has the complete potential to find and exterminate huge amount of spyware and malware-related threats. The latest version of this free edition has fully re-architected definition database system, improved load times, faster scanning and detection, improved memory usage and plenty of smart definition updates.

New Features:

  • Faster Scanning and Malware Detection.
  • Improved Product Load Times.
  • Heuristic Definition Updates and Improvements.
  • Enhanced Memory Usage compared to prior versions.
  • Completely re-architected definition database system.
  • Improved Worldwide Threat Map Infrastructure.
  • In-Product Bug Reporting System Optimization.
SuperAntiSpyware Free and Professional 5.6 - Main Interface

The interface looks old-fashioned but looks simple with well-organized text and buttons. A big “Scan your Computer” button enables you to inspect spyware and other threats on your computer with lightning speed. You can select Quick, Critical Point, Complete and Custom Scan depending on the situation and requirement. You can check “Enable Rescue Scan” option which scans only on highly infected systems.

There are two sections below the interface – one to configure the protection levels such as Real-time Protection, Scheduled Scanning, Automatic Updating, etc. and the other to display the program and definition database version. You could even manage quarantine, view scan logs, repair critical items and find help of product features.

Key Features:

  • Scans your computer with blazing speed and removes spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, worms, parasites, Dialers, Keyloggers, HiJackers, Rootkits, and other malicious software residing on your PC.
  • Consumes very less system resources like many anti-spyware tools.
  • Doesn’t conflict with your existing anti-spyware or anti-virus solution.
  • Complete customization of scanning of hard drives, removable drives, registry, selected folders, and memory items.
  • Prevents potentially harmful software from installing in Real-time.
  • Finds and repair broken internet connections, edits registry components, unstable desktops, and more with a unique Repair System.
  • Analyzes the future threat characteristics depending on existing threat code patterns with Multi-Dimensional Scanning.
  • Inspects over 50 critical points of your computer on start-up and shutdown to get rid of threat-infection.
  • Detects the hidden objects on your PC using Process Interrogation Technology.
  • You can schedule scans daily or weekly to ensure spyware-free computer.
  • Completely Customizable User Interface.
  • Automatically downloads definition updates.
SuperAntiSpyware Free and Professional 5.6 - Scheduled Scanning

Download SuperAntiSpyware 5.6 for free which is easy to install, handle registration, and product updates from its server. You can also download the trial version of SuperAntiSpyware Professional Edition which has advanced features and product configuration.