Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camfrog 2013 6.5 – Free Video Chat | Free Video & Audio Calls

Camfrog 6.5 2013 - Free Video Chat, Free Video & Audio CAllsWith over 90 million downloads and 180,312 online users, Camfrog stands top in ‘Webcam Software’ list. Camfrog has a wide range of features that allows video chat rooms where you can chat with several people at once in real stream (live stream). It can also be utilized as a video conferencing tool which works with almost all firewalls and routers. The multi-user video conferencing holds a chat room of about 1000 users and with just a single ‘user name’, you can join the chat easily.

The social networking rapidly mounting to new levels, video chat softwares are withstanding their position with the latest features, stability and performance. Many people still believe that chat tools are similar to social websites that ensure close communication among people of same interests. Camfrog lets you interact with other people easily with modern chatting and video functions on top of high quality audio and video broadcasting/streaming.

Key Features:

  • Free Video Chat Rooms.
  • Create your own free webcam chat rooms.
  • Private Free Video & Audio Calls.
  • Watch and Broadcast Super Fast High Quality Video Streams.
  • Share Files with People in Chat Rooms Easily.
  • Find New People and Invite them to Chat with Camfrog’s ‘User Directory’.
  • Take Snapshots’ with Webcam that can be sent from one person to another.
  • Only people above age 16 can create profile pages.
  • Multi-user Video Conferencing’ allows you to join chat room with up to 1000 users with just a single username.
  • Allows ‘Instant Messaging’ and ‘One-to-One Audio Calls’.
  • Users should accept the ‘Terms of Service’ mandatorily who are monitored by operators of 18+ old in chat rooms.
  • Available for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Android.
  • No Webcam is needed to see other people.
  • Works perfectly behind all routers, firewalls, and wireless networks.
Camfrog 6.5 2013 - Chat Window

The latest version Camfrog 6.5.285 has added some language packs to the previous version. Unfortunately, this tool is ad-supported displaying unnecessary advertising material, ad banners, etc. The installation changes the web browser functionality like modifying the homepage, default search engine, and installing toolbars which are not required for users. To run Camfrog application, you need to have at least a 1GHz processor with mandatory internet connection.

How to Use Camfrog?

1) As soon as you download and install Camfrog application, the first windows appears will be your “contact list”. Exactly at the bottom of the window lies the “Video Chat Rooms” icon. By clicking on it a new window emerges with all available video chat rooms. Click the available username to join the chat room.

2) The webcam you’ve connected shows you to everyone on the chat room. Press “talk” button to speak with someone. Be sure that you can only talk when a person is not talking already. Adjust the recording level in “Audio Settings”.

3) If you wish to send instant messages to any user, right-click on their name and choose “IM User”. You can block users, share files, take snapshots, view online profiles, add to contact list and call them, if online. If you want to ignore someone, just right-click on their name and click “Ignore User”.

4)Click “Search for Camfrog Users” icon in the contact list to view online users. You can discover users to speak to one-to-one in the user directory, if you don’t want to involve in multi-user video conferencing.

5) If any user who annoys or irritates repeatedly, then press “block” icon to stop the user bothering you.

6) To stop getting IM’s from anonymous people in your contact list, just go to the Camfrog menu in your contact list and enable “IM Catcher”.

Camfrog 6.5 2013 - Chat Room

Camfrog 6.5 is undoubtedly one of the popular chat applications in the market, but experts advise that this is not a program that kids and should use only in adult supervision. Camfrog provides “Parental Controls” that can block video viewing, broadcast video/audio, audio listening, text chat, IM, and joining rooms outside hosted by Camfrog.

Download Camfrog 6.5, the latest free version which takes you to a new world with a wide range of chat rooms which includes many topics. Users who want more advanced features can opt to Camfrog Pro, a paid version.