Saturday, June 22, 2013

Intel Anti-Theft Service App – Data Security for Windows 7, 8

The data that we are using today is not completely safe and we can’t afford to lose or let it get into the wrong hands. To prevent this, we require a special tool which can manage and recover our data when lost or stolen. “Intel Anti-Theft Service” is a fanatical data security software developed by Intel technology that supports Windows 8, 7 operating systems. It can secure important data from being accessed by unauthorized persons like hackers, intruders, etc. This kind of software is very useful when using Laptops.

Intel Anti-Theft Service is available for free as a 90-day trial. When the trial period expires, the user must purchase a year’s subscription for $24.99. If you are not interested to pay for the year’s subscription, you can opt for Norton Anti-Theft or McAfee Anti-Theft, which also uses Intel’s Anti-Theft technology.

As top laptop brands have already begun offering Intel Anti-Theft Service along with the package of the device. When purchasing any laptop of top brand, look out for the Intel AT Service logo on the top of the device, which is worth value-for-money.

How It Works?

1) Firstly, you should synchronize your device’s status (active or lost or stolen) with the Intel Anti-Theft Service online account periodically. It is recommended to perform this operation manually.

2) When the Intel AT Service is ‘Active’, the device tracking and file protection are kept ON. You can see the ‘Sync’ button on the right with the ‘Last sync’ time.

3) Below, you can find “Intel Anti-Theft Service Web Management Console”, where you can lock your device if lost or stolen; track your device’s location when it’s connected to the internet; disable the auto-lock while you’re on vacation; protect your device’s important files.

4) When you click on Web Management Console link, the location of your device is shown with the help of Google Maps and location history (IP address).

5) When lost or stolen, you can click the button “Secure my device” to lock it from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

6) There are two types of modes of locking your device – The “Steal” mode will only lock your important files and continue to track the device’s location. The second mode “Lock down” will instantly shut down and lock the device, provided the thief connected the laptop to the internet. The “Lock down” will completely make the device inaccessible or useless.

7) When booting in “Lock Down” mode, you need to enter the anti-theft password to continue the process. You need to remember the password or else it may lead to OS reinstallation or BIOS flash.

8) When the device is not connected to the internet, you can “Auto-lock” the device for a specific number of days (2 to 30 days). This can be done using the “Settings” page in the Web Management Console where the auto-lock option is available. You can enable the “Vacation” mode which disables the auto-lock option when you are on a vacation.

9) The “Repair Shop” mode keeps your device unlocked if you have to leave it with someone.

System Requirements (Minimum):

  • Processor: 1GHz Intel 6 or 7 series Chipset
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Disk Space: 100 MB
  • Operating System: Windows 8 or 7
  • Compatible Browser and a Faster Internet Connection
  • McAfee Account Registration before downloading Intel AT Service.