Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo Story 3 for Windows XP – Create Slideshows of Your Digital Photos

Photo Story 3 for Windows XP - Create SlideshowsWe capture our life’s most memorable moments in photos, but fail to make them special and stunning with digital effects. A tool like Photo Story 3 can bring life to your digital photos with soundtracks, slides, effects, titles, captions, etc. Using Photo Story 3, you can edit all your photos with a single-click. You can create slideshow presentations, add background music to them, convert them to WMV file format, and share them on social media or email easily.

Photo Story 3 supports only Windows XP, and this is a very big limitation for modern users. The interface is of a traditional Microsoft kind, which lets you to create a new project, edit it, or play a story. The ‘Help’ file explains the procedure to create a photo story, and tips and tricks to make them easier and better. The beginners would be benefited more with the program’s step-by-step wizard.


  • Can rotate, crop, correct red eye or colors.
  • Personalize them with captions and titles.
  • Add sound effects, background music, zoom effects, and text.
  • You can save your presentations as WMV files or convert them using a third-party video converter.
  • The ‘Auto Fix’ feature automatically corrects contrast, color, and red eye, too.
  • The ‘Remove Black Borders’ removes black borders from images to improve the screen appearance.
  • The ‘Selection Tool’ makes sure that the right section of your photo is preserved.
  • A great tool to create photo slideshows for birthdays, weddings, and the friend’s hangouts.
  • You can import pictures from your camera or a website.
  • Correct color levels, red eye, contrast, rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The original photo is kept preserved, making no changes.
  • Preview edited images before saving them.
Photo Story 3 - Begin a New Story

Microsoft Photo Story 3 supports many file formats making the best available digital photo tool for Windows XP. It requires Windows XP, Media Player 10, DirectX 9.0b drivers, minimum 256MB RAM, 400MB hard disk space, microphone to record narration. You can download Photo Story 3 from Microsoft’s official website or below link.