Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comodo Dragon (Web Browser) 27.2 – Additional Online Security

Comodo Dragon 27.2 - Additional Online SecurityIf you wish to use a web browser only for performing online transactions with higher security, you could prefer Comodo Dragon. This internet browser offers you additional online security which you want to have at the time of sensitive operations like online shopping or banking. It is a freeware web browser that is based on Chromium technology and the interface is similar to Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon does not employ Google Chrome’s user tracking and other privacy-compromising features, whereas it provides extra protection measures such as authenticating with only SSL certificate websites.

The other features of Chrome like Bug Tracking System, Google-hosted error pages, etc. are not available in Comodo Dragon. For users who search often daily, the application offers an automatic access to Google Search with Google as default search engine and automatic address bar search suggestions.

Comodo Dragon is a versatile web browser with unparalleled security and privacy levels. The latest version has few improvements such as web page loading time and graphics are rendered faster with improved start-up times. If there is any plug-in crash, you don’t have to restart the browser, but just refreshing the web page is enough.

Upon installing Comodo Dragon, the user can configure either the web browser’s default options or the user’s whole computer to use Comodo’s own DNS servers as an alternative to default Internet service provider. As said earlier, the application checks websites for the SSL digital certificates for security measures. It offers an on-demand site inspector to verify if a site hosts malicious code. Its built-in updater installs everything the application needs automatically.

Comodo Dragon 27.2 - SSL Certificate Missing

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Privacy over Chromium technology.
  • Identifies SSL certificates easily when the website loads via Domain Validation technology.
  • Consumes less memory and offers Greater Stability.
  • Fast Website Access.
  • A Private Browsing Mode called “Incognito” blocks cookies and other codes to improve privacy.
  • Total Security from Malware and its related threats.
  • Surpasses privacy enhancements offered in Chromium’s technology.
  • Includes PrivDog extension(New).
  • Does not send browsing information to a remote server.

The interface is very identical to Google Chrome with detachable tabs at the top of the screen, bookmark-sync option & Options menu on the right-side. The Extensions and Help tab takes the user to Google Chrome’s respective pages. There is no option to send “usage statistics and crash reports to Google.” The other things such as download manager, password manager, developer tools, theme support, etc. are quite similar to Google Chrome.

Comodo Dragon 27.2 - Browser Interface

It provides firewall software to block unsafe or non-secure web pages, putting a warning message that the sending information may be unsafe when entering a website with an unstable security certificate.

For those, who really concern about their online security and privacy, prefer Comodo Dragon to Google Chrome as it offers extra security to your online identity and social networking practice.