Friday, July 12, 2013

Desktop Ticker 1.7 for NewsReaders & RSS Readers

Desktop Ticker 1.7 for NewsReaders and RSS ReadersSome people habituated to read RSS and Atom feed for latest news for many years and for those, Desktop Ticker is a must-have application. Desktop Ticker is a free RSS and Atom web Feed application that brings you all the on-going stuff on your computer. This is a simple program developed where you can add your favorite website’s RSS or Atom feed, and the relative article titles scroll horizontally scroll across the screen. When you place the mouse cursor on any specific article title, the respective article summaries are displayed. If you wish to see the complete article, click on the article title and the webpage opens up in your default web browser.

Desktop Ticker is an application in the Newsreaders & RSS Readers category, which can be downloaded for free. The latest version 1.7 has a new scroll left to right and generating custom color scheme automatically based on background color options. You can download either portable (zip) or installer (exe) from Desktop Ticker’s official website.

Desktop Ticker 1.7 - Tiny Scroll Interface

The latest version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and Server 2008 versions. You have to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above to run the application.

Desktop Ticker 1.7 - Insert RSS or Atom Feed

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Easy-to-use application
  • Displays anywhere on the desktop with unobtrusive and user-friendly customizable interface.
  • Displays RSS or Atom web feed of news, stocks, and other latest articles from any website which has subscribe or feed option.
  • The RSS feeds are instantly downloaded after the prĂ©cised interval to present updated content.
  • You can manage or reload feeds via Compact Feed Manager, such as displaying just the RSS feed or just articles posted within a specific time, adjusting the scroll speed and changing the color coding depending the article posted period.
  • Dock-style interface with small directional arrows at either end for quickly scrolling forward and back.
  • Can be synchronized with the Windows Common Feed List.
  • The list of subscribed RSS feeds can be shared with other Windows applications such as IE, Live Mail and Outlook.
  • Compatible with popular news sites such as BBC News, Yahoo! Finance and CNN, and other news feed sites like Gmail, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
  • You can change the Opacity level, Speed through simple commands.
Desktop Ticker 1.7 - Article Summary

Finally, Desktop Ticker is an old application in this modern tech world, but people who really care about stocks and finance can get very useful information absolutely free.