Friday, July 19, 2013

Kruptos 2 Professional – Protect any File with Password Encryption

Kruptos 2 Professional - Protect Any File with Password ProtectionKruptos 2 Professional is a simple yet powerful file security program that can be used to encrypt any file of yours that can be accessed only with the correct password. Kruptos 2 is a shareware encryption software that can protect all your files including photos, videos, credit card data, income/home tax returns, or any other sensitive file which is to be kept private. It encrypts your files with a strong 256-bit encryption algorithm which after cannot be read, modified or even accessed without a password.

Kruptos 2 Professional is available for 30-day free trial or can be bought for $24.95. It is supported in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2003 OS versions. The latest version 3.0 is compatible with Windows 8 and has updated with a two-phase password & key file authentication.

How Does Kruptos 2 Work?

When you install Kruptos 2 Professional, the welcome screen starts counting down the limited free uses, as the application can be used for only 30 times, if you subscribe for a 30-day trial period. At the beginning of the Kruptos 2 application, a ‘Help’ file also opens with its ‘Getting Started’ page displayed.

The interface is very user-friendly which is quite easy-to-use. The look and style are adapted from Microsoft Office and the toolbar provides you with options to Add Files/Folder, Encrypt/Decrypt, Shred, Change Password, etc. When you right-click on any file, you can encrypt, decrypt, shred, self extract, zip archive, email, and change password.

Kruptos 2 Professional - Main Interface

The ‘Encryption’ window offers you to input their password with a ‘Hint’, when you forget it. You can also ‘Key File’ to encrypt your files. A ‘Key File’ is a file on a computer which contains encryption or license keys. The ‘Key File’ window lets you select a file as a key, in order to obtain a very strong password. The decryption process does the reverse job, i.e. decoding your file by specifying the correct password.

Kruptos 2 Professional - File Encryption


  • Protect your private files which include photos, movies, documents, or others, with a 256-bit encryption algorithm. The encryption includes a password protection for Windows 7, Vista and XP users.
  • For Windows 8 users, the application offers a two-phase authentication combining a password and keyfile.
  • Multiple-file Encryption.
  • Easy-to-use once you install the application, with no complex options or settings.
  • Lock your portable USB devices and its contents securely.
  • Microsoft Windows Integration, allowing you to encrypt your files with just two clicks.
  • Double-click Integration, will automatically re-encrypt your file when you have finished your work thus you don’t have to worry about your file being left unsecured.
  • You can permanently delete any file via an ‘Inbuilt File Shredder’ so that no recovery tools could rescue them.
  • Keeps your files locked up even if your computer is stolen or broken.
  • You can create encrypted self-extracting or zip files.
  • You can send encrypted email attachments for additional security.
  • Offers you a ‘Common Password Analyzer’ for analyzing the strength of your password.
Kruptos 2 Professional - File Shredder

The latest version 3.0 has improved data safety that checks the data integrity when encrypting your files and also changed the way encrypted filenames are created. If you are looking a strong encryption security which the free encryption tools don’t have, you can try out Kruptos 2 Professional software. There are two more encryption softwares namely Kruptos 2 Go and Random which can protect your USB from data-theft or data loss and generates strong passwords for you with a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols.