Monday, July 22, 2013

PhotoScape 3.6 – All-In-One Style Photo Editor for Windows 8, 7

PhotoScape 3.6 - All in One Photo Editor for Windows 8, 7PhotoScape is a free photo editing tool that helps users to edit photos easily with its basic manipulation tools and photo enhancements. The main intention behind developing PhotoScape is to provide users an easier and enjoyable way to edit photographs taken from their digital cameras or mobile phones. The user need not have to be an expert or even intermediary to use this graphics editing program. PhotoScape functions only in Windows operating systems and is compatible with Windows 8 as well.

PhotoScape is developed by MOOII Tech, a Korean company. The current stable version of PhotoScape is 3.6 with additional language packages available for download, while the default languages are English and Korean. The latest version of PhotoScape 3.6.5 is free to download and is upgraded with few improved enhancement tools such as Blur Brush, Filter Speed, Color Temperature, JPEG quality, etc.

The interface is very user-friendly with all the tools are available on the toolbar via the toolbar menu. The unique circular module selector is another interesting feature that displays the important tools which include Photo Editor, Viewer, Batch Editor, Page, Combine, Animated GIF, Print, Splitter, Screen Capture, Color Picker, Raw Converter, Rename, and Paper Print. The user can select an appropriate option and load the required image(s), to start the manipulation process.

PhotoScape 3.6 - Merge Multiple Photos With Page

Key Features:

  • Resizing, brightness, color, white-balance adjustment, backlight correction, frames, balloons, text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal and blooming.
  • Edit multiple photos simultaneously with Batch Editor.
  • Combine or Merge multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create one photo.
  • Create animated photo using multiple photos via Animated GIF.
  • Split a single photo into several pieces via Splitter.
  • Capture screenshots and save them via Screen Capture.
  • Choose a color from images via Color Picker by zooming in on images.
  • Rename filenames of photos in batch mode.
  • Convert RAW images to JPG via RAW Converter.
  • Find similar faces on the internet using Face Search.
  • Print lined, graph, music and calendar paper via Paper Print.
  • Automatically resize all photos to the first image’s size.
  • To create frames, borders, and collages there are various templates in the library.
PhotoScape 3.6 - Color Picker

PhotoScape can’t give you all the required tools and options to enhance your photos completely, but its quality features will make you changes which saves a lot of time. This tool especially comes very handy for beginners who are looking for some basic features with quality output. Download PhotoScape 3.6 from its official website which is available for free.