Monday, July 8, 2013

WinDirStat – Disk Usage Analyzer for Windows

WinDirStat 1.1.2 – Disk Usage Analyzer for WindowsYou may be copying data from various resources or downloading huge amounts of data like videos, songs, softwares, files, etc. but have you wondered what quantity of your hard drive is taking up all that space and what amount is being wasted? To know this data, you need to scan and analyze your hard disk space thoroughly. WinDirStat is a powerful solution for analyzing the disk space on your hard drive. It gives you the statistics of the disk as well as cleaning up your system in all sorts.

WinDirStat presents a colorful graphical display of a sub-tree view with disk use percentage along with the list of file extensions. This is an open-source tool developed using Visual C++/MFC 7.0 version, inspired by KDirStat, a Linux KDE application. The first version was released in October 2003, but the most recent release was in September 2007. Since that there has been only little enhancement in the development.

WinDirStat is available in ZIP format which could run on all Windows OS platforms except Windows 8. You can download WinDirStat from its official website or from SourceForge, a popular open-source download center.


  • It scans one or more disks or just a folder to analyze.
  • It creates a color-coded clickable map of the data on your disk.
  • When you click on an item or specific data on the map, it provides extra information about that.
  • Delete specific folders which are taking more unnecessary space directly from WinDirStat’s interface.
  • Shows complete information about any file or folder you choose.
  • Filters your entire disk by file/folder size or extension so that you can view the largest space hogs.
  • Assigns colors to file types such as MP3, ZIP, EXE, JPG, and many more.
  • The files that take up the most space are colored blue, the second is red, and the third green
  • Offers zooming option to view any item.
  • Offers built-in cleanup actions such as Open, Show Properties, Delete.
  • Depending on your operating system, WinDirStat opens in either ANSI or Unicode version.
WinDirStat 1.1.2 – Interface

Alongside the advantages, WinDirStat is a bit slow on older configuration computers because of the colorful graphical user interface. A portable version is available for download which can be downloaded from here.

The interface is simple and once you run the program, it allows users to select the drive they choose to be analyzed. Once the process gets done, the complete details are shown about disk usage such as percentage, size, last modification data & time, attributes, number of files and subdirectories.

Finally, WinDirStat offers powerful features which prove to be a dependable tool that helps you to analyze the disk space on your hard drive.