Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Deskscapes 8 – Customize and Animate Windows 8, 7 Desktop

Deskscapes 8 – Customize and Animate Windows 8, 7Deskscapes, a popular windows desktop customization tool from Stardock Company, enables us to customize PC wallpapers and screensavers with favorite pictures and video to produce visually dazzling results. The Windows 8 version – Deskscapes 8 is available which has the capability to animate and customize the wallpaper on your desktop. You can choose preferred animated wallpaper from a pre-included set of wallpapers in Deskscapes 8 library. You can also use your own images/WMV files to personalize your desktop.

The latest version has added support for custom wallpapers on multiple monitors along with 40 special effects to your wallpapers. The new version also provides you to customize desktop wallpapers with animations and effects, as well as using your own pictures and videos as desktop wallpapers.

Key Features:

  • Pick your favorite images and videos, and make them as the desktop wallpaper.
  • Animate your wallpapers with ease.
  • Apply over 40 special effects.
  • DreamMaker – Enables users to design their own animated wallpapers known as Dreams. Users can choose one Dream from the many Dreams available from Stardock’s WinCustomize community.
  • Set custom wallpapers on multiple monitors.
Deskscapes 8 – Wallpaper Configuration

Animate, Stylize and Create Wallpapers:

Deskscapes 8 uses WMV and Dream files (.Dream format) to apply animated video wallpapers to your desktop. The .Dream files include the content to animate wallpapers that can also be applied as your PC screensaver. You can easily add motion to static wallpapers using DreamMaker.

The tool also lets us to add cool effects to your wallpaper from over 40 effects such as black and white, blur, canvas texture, inverted, night vision, pop art, sepia, animated snow and many more. You can recolor your existing wallpaper entirely or a portion, by using a simple slider. The multiple monitor support gives you the option to have different wallpaper on different monitor or static wallpapers over multiple monitors.

Deskscapes 8 – Change Color

With Deskscapes easy to use and configurable user interface, you can create a stunning custom desktop design with few clicks. A preview helps you to see the output before applying effects to your new wallpaper. You can choose a wallpaper or dream from the library, see a preview as you make changes, make your adjustments accordingly, and produce the result.

Deskscapes 8 is available for a free 30-day trial and the upgrade for $9.99. Download Deskscapes 8 from its official Stardock website.