Saturday, August 3, 2013

MyInfoSafe 2.2 – Organize and Protect your Personal Information

MyInfoSafe 2.2 – Organize and Protect your Personal InformationIn the present cloud computing era, online data storage sites assure to store and protect your private data with many encryption methods. But, have you ever wondered that online storage sites can also be vulnerable to virus attacks or hackers? Most of you don’t know how secure your PC’s internet connection is. That’s when you need to have a “personal data warehouse” like ‘MyInfoSafe’ that stores your essential files, documents, and other data safely on your PC with a strong encrypted, password-protected technique. Your important stuff like your education/employment details, user IDs, health information, office documents, etc. can be stored securely which can be authorized only you with a user ID and password.

MyInfoSafe 2.2.1 is the latest version which is available as a 30-day free trial and after then you have to purchase it for $29.95. The new version is completely compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems. You need to have minimum Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to install and run the program properly.

How to Use MyInfoSafe?

1) When you launch the MyInfoSafe application for the first-time, a login-window appears where you have to register with ‘MyInfoSafe’ website.

2) After you complete registration process, you can enter the User ID and Password to authorize ‘MyInfoSafe’ application.

3) A toolbar is included where you can online help, tips & hints, video tutorials, and a calculator. You can also use this toolbar to open the Settings page, save your data, access the wide-ranging services, etc.

4) On the left-side of the interface, it shows a tree view-like options that contains main categories – My Information, My Life, My Finances, and My Asset Repository, each having different sub-categories.

MyInfoSafe 2.2 – Main Interface

5) Click on desired category and start saving your personal information as records. You can add reminder as well to the required record. You can even delete columns in a record.

6) After storing all your personal information, you can click “Save & Log Out” or “Save & Exit” to complete the whole process. All your private information is encrypted with 192-bit encryption algorithm.

7) MyInfoSafe 2.2 is a secure digital vault which can store all your personal information as a personal data warehouse. After completing the storage process, you can find the desired information that is kept safe. You can access the information where ever and whenever you want. This software is more useful for people who are working on financial and insurance fields. It saves money and time in finding the required information.

Key Features:

  • Personal Information Repository – One place to store all your important information such as electronic documents, user ids, passwords, education records, employment details, contacts, loyalty cards, subscriptions, etc. securely on your PC which cannot be controlled by unauthorized persons.
  • Personal Finance Manager – You can keep track of your financial information such as Bank accounts, Loans, /Hire Purchase, Credit cards, Superannuation, Insurance, Investments, Shares, and many more, which are worth useful in future. You can even estimate your loan/mortgage balances in coming years and update the information according to that.
  • Personal Asset Register – You can store all your assets you have acquired such as property, vehicles, furniture, electronic goods, etc. at one place. This will help you more correctly estimate the level of insurance you should have for your assets, so that you can cover insurance properly.
  • Personal Health Record – Keeps track of your family’s health record such as medical, life or income protection insurance, parental medical history, medical contact details, vaccinations, health conditions, operations, test results, and many more. You can scan your medical records, test results, etc. with a scanner and save them along with the MyInfoSafe records.
  • Personal Secure Diary – Simple and secure area to keep your thoughts, memories, daily activities or secrets, safe and private, etc. just as a paper diary. You can set yourself any goals for like which can be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound, and rewarded.
  • The “Services” function can be used to search required data, customize options, setting up printing defaults, adding headers and footers, adding formatting options, exporting the data to another application or different format, and ability to email the information.
  • The “Settings” function can be used to retrieve the details, change the password, copy the application to a USB drive (for backup), change the skin color, change the font, define the location of your data and back up files, upgrade to new versions when available, and many more.
  • All your data is encrypted automatically with a 192-bit encryption algorithm. The product license is also encrypted for defining specific users.

Finally, MyInfoSafe 2.2 is an easy-to-use personal data warehouse application, which securely stores your personal information with its full-featured suite as well as with additional extras like Digital Diary, Easy Reminders, USB data backup, etc. Summing up all the things, MyInfoSafe is a must application for financial users who wish to save large amounts of data. Download MyInfoSafe 2.2.1, the latest version which is available as a free 30-day trial.