Sunday, September 8, 2013

jAlbum 11 – Free Photo Album Generator

jAlbum 11.4 - Free Photo Album GeneratorDo you want to create digital photo galleries, manage them by sorting photos into albums, and perform basic digital editing? Then, you need photo gallery generator software like ‘jAlbum’ which handles all the above tasks. jAlbum is a freeware cross-platform tool for creating and managing digital photo galleries and provides a free photo-sharing service to publish them on your own websites.

jAlbum runs on ‘Java virtual machine’, which is extremely easy to use and versatile, available in more than 30 languages. It is much similar to Google’s Picasa or Apple’s iPhoto. More than 700K users are hosting over 32 million photo web albums at

The main intention behind developing this photo gallery generator is to produce HTML and Flash-based galleries, which are very useful for online websites or distributing through other means.

The latest version jAlbum 11.4.1 updated Korean translation, Turtle 4.3.4 skin, and double clicking template pages that have no embedded user interface will now revert to opening in the embedded text editor.

The hosting service is used as a social photo-sharing website so as to promote or distribute the software. A 30-day free trial subscription with a 4 GB web space is offered for who registers with jAlbum. Users can also avail a yearly subscription which is offered in four different pricing packages – Standard, Pro, Premium, and Power. If you want to host your albums on your website, choose Standard or Pro license (used on commercial websites and shopping carts). For hosting your photo albums on, you can utilize Premium (10GB) or Power (100GB) accounts.

Key Features:

  • It provides an easy-to-use explorer-like user interface where you can drag and drop photos to create or sort them.
  • You can create folders to better organize your album and add captions below the photo thumbnails.
  • Right-click on the context menu to access the most frequently used functions like sorting, rotating, editing, or choosing a folder thumbnail.
  • The “Edit mode” enables you to apply various photo effects such as crop, straighten, Gamma fine tune, Sepia, Pixelate or Invert.
  • Add text watermark your images, so that no other person can use it on their websites.
  • Customize your web albums with skins i.e. plugins to determine the layout and feature set of the generated albums. You can edit or create new skin templates with JAlbum’s built-in editor.
  • Supports Google Maps, video playback or shopping cart integration.
  • Upload your photo albums to your own site, blog, or even share it to anyone.
  • You can store, share and showcase albums on web service in a spectacular way.
jAlbum 11.4 - Photo Editing

It provides additional features which include support for IPTC or EXIF data, style sheets, and lossless image manipulation, pluggable image filters, and a built-in FTP or SFTP client. A built-in web server allows you to share web albums directly from your own computers.

jAlbum is used by many photographers, where they can protect their stylish photo galleries with a watermark. They can use the integrated shopping cart of jAlbum, to sell their images. Organizations also use jAlbum to manage their huge amounts of image and frequent updates.

With jAlbum, you can activate password and prevents unauthorized members in accessing your albums. You can add Facebook commenting to your albums and share them on social networks. Download the non-commercial or purchase a Pro license that lets your remove ads and white label your albums, and will give you access to our priority e-mail support.