Sunday, October 27, 2013

CintaNotes 2.3 Portable – Free Windows Notetaking Program

CintaNotes 2.3 Portable – Free Windows Notetaking ProgramWhen surfing the internet, you might come across great quotes from famous personalities, articles excerpts, blog postings, research data, interesting facts, or your own thoughts and ideas. You copy this information to Notepad, MS Word or WordPad. You may wish to gather all this information, organize and retrieve them whenever needed, using a notetaking program. CintaNotes is a free, lightweight and user-friendly notetaking program for Windows, used especially for saving and tagging any useful information that you come across or just need to jot down.

CintaNotes is a simple yet powerful application with an intuitive interface. A small form is used to note down the important information. The note preserves a title, a tag, and set of links to online resources. The note(s) can be customized with the help of available features. You may select one of the emphasis options such as bold, italic, underline, strikeout. You can highlight the important areas and create bullet or numbered lists. You could also insert timestamps to the notes.

Once completed, the list of created notes is listed in the app’s interface with creation time and date. You can customize each note such that it is under a different section, which makes it easy to differentiate between important and not so important notes.

The new version 2.3 has added a new feature for search option “Search across field boundaries” and added confirmation dialog to merge command. It has improved some features such as hyperlink support, editor, and simplenote sync. And also fixed some of its features related to recycle bin, Esc key handling, HTML export, editor, CN crash, valid license, and imported tags are not assigned.

CintaNotes 2.3 Portable – Tabbed Interface

Key Features:

  • A free, lightweight and user-friendly note taking application that saves and tag any useful information.
  • Clip text from anywhere by pressing the hotkey using text-clipping that automatically saves the text and its source URL without installing a browser plug-in or add-on.
  • Retrieves information as soon as you start typing the title or the URL.
  • Organize note information with powerful tagging system and later use tag union, intersection and subtraction filters to quickly find what you need.
  • Simplenote Synchronization (PRO version only) – You can get full read/write access to your notes on any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.
  • Synchronize notes across multiple PCs with Live note synchronization via free online services such as Google Drive, DropBox, SugarSync.
  • Also comes as a portable version, which you can carry on a flash drive and run it directly on any computer without installing.
  • Launch at system startup

CintaNotes is also available in PRO version that includes advanced features like multiple notebooks, unlimited number of tabbed sections, expandable tag tree, exporting notes to HTML, pasting notes into other applications, and accessing notes from mobile devices. The PRO version license can be purchased for $25 which includes 12 months of free updates and zero adware.

Coming to its free version, it has some limitations like it can create only up to 3 sections, simplenote sync is disabled, and cannot link notes with each other. Although it has some restrictions, the free version definitely proves to be useful on a daily basis. Any inexperienced individual will find it useful and easy to handle. Download CinteNotes installer or portable versions for free from below link.