Friday, October 11, 2013

KeePass Password Safe Professional 2.23 – Lightweight Password Manager for Windows

KeePass Password Safe Professional 2.23 – Lightweight Password Manager for WindowsKeePass is a multi-platform, free, and open-source password management utility developed mainly for Windows OS systems. It lets you to manage all your passwords using strong AES and Twofish encryption algorithms and stores them in a highly-encrypted database. The database is protected with one master password or key file. The database consists of a single file that can be transferred from one system to another effortlessly.

If you have a huge number of online and offline accounts, it’s difficult to remember them all. And due to security concerns, you need to use different passwords for each account. You require password management software to remember all these user credentials, store them in a database in a secure way.

With KeePass Password Safe Professional, you can drag and drop passwords into any other window. The auto-type feature fills your login information automatically. It can import data from various formats like CSV, CodeWallet TXT and CounterPanes PwSafe. Also the password list can be exported to TXT, HTML, XML and CSV files.

KeePass Password Safe Professional 2.23 – Open Database

KeePass’ latest version 2.23 includes new features like Password Quality Estimation algorithm, improved configuration loading performance, enhanced Input/Output connection problem diagnostics, improved single instance checking on Unix-like systems, and various other improvements. The status bar is now updated correctly after sorting by a column.

Key Features:

  • Supports strong database security with AES and Twofish encryption algorithms.
  • Only a master password would unlock the complete password database.
  • You can also key files instead of master passwords so that they can be transported anywhere via USB drive, CD/DVD or any other device.
  • KeePass is portable, runs on Windows without being installed.
  • It doesn’t store anything on your system such as registry keys, ini files, etc.
  • You can import from many file formats and export to TXT, HTML, XML, and CSV files.
  • A password database includes only one file that can be moved from one system to another easily.
  • Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag & Drop.
  • Create, Modify, and Delete password groups and can be sorted accordingly.
  • Can generate strong random passwords for you using built-in Password Generator.
  • Supports Time-Fields and Entry Attachments for viewing creation time, last access time, last modification time, and expiration time.
  • Intuitive and Secure Timed Clipboard Clearing.
  • You can search for specific entries in the databases and sort a password group.
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD with Mono) and Multi-Language (30+) Support.
  • Other people can write plug-ins for KeePass.
  • Completely free and OSI certified open-source software.
KeePass Password Safe Professional 2.23 – Add Entry

The database allows you to enter the fundamental login details such as account description, user, password and website address. You can create new fields in you want and enter the relevant details. The application also lets you attach any file such as images, text files and HTML files to an item from the database in order to view them quickly.

Overall, KeePass Password Safe is outstanding password management software with strong features and slick interface which can be a reliable solution to keep your personal data secure. Download KeePass Password Safe Professional’s latest version for free (both installer, zip and portable versions).