Friday, January 24, 2014

Smart Defrag 3 – Secure Disk Defragmenter for Windows 8, 7

Smart Defrag 3 - Secure Disk DefragmenterSmart Defrag is a free defragmentation tool developed by “IObit”, which enhances your hard drive performance with the help of disk defrag engine and “Boot Time Disk Defrag” technology. It is super fast and completely secure disk defragmenter that guarantees disk stability and data safety. With just one click, you can maximize hard drive performance to highest potential. This tool is fully compatible with Windows 8/8.1, 7 as well as Windows XP, Vista and 2000 operating systems.

You can run Smart Defrag either manually, by running at boot time, background, or scheduling it on specific time. It offers three manual defragmentation modes – Straight (fastest), Fast and Deep optimization. You can choose specific volumes or partitions that are to be defragmented consistently. This can be done by setting “Auto Defrag” option in program settings. You can stop Smart Defrag activity when resource usage climbs above a set level.

Smart Defrag 3.0.3 is the latest version from “IObit” which includes the following changes from the previous ones.

  • [NEW] Attractive Metro-style User Interface with new defragmenting map and improved function to broaden and slim interface.
  • [NEW] Defrag and Prioritize files to accelerate data processing of frequently used files by intelligently prioritizing drive data and centralizing the storage for ultimate speedup.
  • [NEW] Disk Defrag engine that ensures 100% secure defragmentation and powerful disk optimization.
  • [IMPROVED] Accelerated Defragmentation and Optimization.
  • [IMPROVED] Stability of Boot Time Defrag
  • [IMPROVED] Automatically save logs for defragging and analyzing.
  • [IMPROVED] Reduced the usage of memory and system resources when running Smart Defrag.
Smart Defrag 3 - User Interface

After running Smart Defrag, you can launch files and applications more quickly which everyone wants a defragmenter to accomplish. It intelligently streamlines your hard disk files based on frequency and accelerates the speed of the disks and thus improves whole system’s performance. It is completely suitable for large hard drives as well.

The user interface is neatly designed with clutter-free arrangements. You can select either “Analyze” or “Defrag” the loaded hard disk partitions. It gives completely information of the hard disk volume such as name, status, total size, free size, file system, and options to enable automatic/boot time defrag. You can pause or stop the operation at any time if you want, but that’s not recommended which affects your system’s stability. You can set the time to start Auto Defrag when system gets idle.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and Intuitive User Interface
  • Latest and Fastest Defragmentation engine designed for both small and large hard drives.
  • Not only perform simple defragmentation, it also streamlines your file system to run your computer at top speed.
  • Works automatically and quietly in the background, and constantly ensures that your computer is fragment-free.
  • “Safe Intelligence” technology that decides when and how to execute defragmentation, which guarantees data safety and reliability.
  • Windows 8/8/1 fully compatible
  • Unique Deep Analyze technology
  • Accelerating disk speed for faster data access
  • Boot Time Disk Defrag technology allows you to perform defragmentation at boot time.
  • Automatic, Easy, and Free to use

Overall, Smart Defrag 3 is a great tool for defragmenting both small and large hard disk volumes. It has excellent features to operate a quick and deep defragmentation, using only a little amount of system memory.