Monday, February 10, 2014

AVG LinkScanner Free 2014 | Secure Search for Web

AVG LinkScanner Free 2014
Internet threats are passed into your system through malicious web pages which are full of fraudulent content and scripts. Every web user’s basic requirement is to know what web page is to be loaded or what not. This minimum precaution saves your day from internet threats and hackers from accessing your computer. AVG Secure Search, or popularly called as AVG LinkScanner provides an additional layer of security to fight next to emerging, invisible threats, and hacked websites.

AVG LinkScanner validates the safety of web pages you visit, and of links revisited from web searches of search engines – Google, Yahoo! and MSN, so that you can make out the safe and dangerous pages before clicking on it.

AVG LinkScanner Free 2014 was designed to protect all the web users from online users. It works as a browser add-on and runs instantly after the installation. As soon as the installation is over, the system needs a reboot. You can customize the program settings or decide what to do with a virus infected file accordingly. It works in background and the help system provides detailed information and assists you with any formidable task.

The user interface is simple and smooth with minimal changes to the 2013 version. On clicking the “Web Browsing” tile button, it opens up into two basic tools – LinkScanner Surf-Shield and Online Shield. You need to upgrade if you wish to activate “Online Shield”. In “Options” menu, you can update the definitions, check history of blocked websites, exploits prevented, etc.

AVG LinkScanner Free 2014 - Surf Shield

You can disable the system tray notifications like an update and component change notifications from advanced settings. Enable “Game Mode” when a full-screen application is executed so that all the unnecessary notifications and running modules are minimized. You can uncheck the “Animate Transitions” when opening and closing components. To resolve technical issues or problems when installing specific softwares, you can “Temporarily Disable AVG LinkScanner Protection” features from advanced settings.

Key Features:

  • Provides safety ratings (Safe, Risky or Dangerous) for each link you visit, whether directly or in your search results.
  • Unique and Real-time protection while you surf and search, prevents the web page from opening if it is rated “Dangerous”.
  • AVG Do Not Track – Lets you recognize which websites are collecting are tracking your online activities and the data exchanged.
  • AVG Security Toolbar – Alerts you if websites or advertisers are collecting information of your web browsing activity.
  • AVG Rewards – Integrated feature helps you to find some of the best and relevant deals when you shop online from your favorite online e-commerce sites.
  • On-demand Scan – Easily scan a website address in order to detect threats you visit.
  • Protects from malicious codes and dangerous websites such as Exploit, Social Engineering, Scam, and Hoax.
  • Automatic updates whenever the threat intelligence network recognizes a new threat.

As AVG LinkScanner 2014 is not only the option available in the market, one cannot estimate the efficiency of other alternatives if you need extra protection from web threats. Finally, AVG LinkScanner or Secure Search is worth-trying for its additional security layer while surfing and searching from malicious websites.