Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Folder Guard 9.1 – Restrict Access to Your Files, Folders and Windows Resources

Folder Guard 9.1 – Restrict Access to Your Files, Folders and Windows ResourcesA shared computer is more vulnerable to data theft or unauthorized access, especially, when it is shared with your colleagues, friends or family. You have to install a data security program which can lock your files and folders with passwords, to restrict unauthorized access. “Folder Guard” is a potent data security program which uses passwords to block access to files, folders, and other Windows resources. A valid password can only be able to unlock your sensitive information.

With Folder Guard, you can even block access to Control Panel, Start Menu, removable drives, and other sensitive system files from alteration. A single “Master Password” is required to unlock all the files and folders, or set a unique password to each file or folder. The NTFS volumes in Windows XP or Vista do have built-in security to control access, but using Folder Guard, you can get greater security blocking both NTFS and FAT/FAT32 drives.

Installation and User Interface:

When installing, the program creates a restore point backing up everything to the initial state in case the password is forgotten or stored data is affected. After installation, you can configure Folder Guard easily with the intuitive interface.

Folder Guard 9.1 – Unlock Protection

The User Interface offers tree-like folder-view where you can select the desired folder, set the “Access” to Full access, Read-Only, or No access and set the password to that folder. Click Protect -> Apply changes in the file menu. In the Protect menu, you can clear all restrictions, change the master password, and access application settings. In the “Restrict” menu, you can choose the folder visibility or remove all restrictions of the desired folder. You could access Windows tools which include Explorer, Control Panel, Registry Editor, and Policy Editor respectively.

Key Features:

  • Hide your personal folders from friends, family or colleagues.
  • Password-protect and restrict access to file folders.
  • Control access to Windows system tools and files which cause instability while installing applications.
  • Lock access to USB, CD-ROM and other removable drives.
  • Restrict access to Control Panel, Internet Explorer from downloading web content and other computer security tasks.
  • Protect your files without encrypting them.
  • Quickly enable/disable protection of your computer using a specific key combination called “Hotkey” along with your password.
  • Can operate in “Stealth mode
  • Easy recovery in case of emergency
  • Works with drives of both NTFS and FAT/FAT32 drives.
  • Compatible with other disk tools like Folder Lock, etc.
  • The program is enterprise-ready that doesn’t require license validation over the internet.
  • Runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP operating systems.
Folder Guard 9.1 – Choose Protection Method

Overall, Folder Guard is a powerful corporate security program with an efficient set of features, which is recommended to all enterprise users who want their data to be protected.