Friday, May 2, 2014

KMPlayer 3.8 – Improved Playback and Added Mobile Version

KMPlayer 3.8 - Improved Playback and Added Mobile VersionKMPlayer is a specialized audio and video player for Windows from a Korean streaming video company called Pandora TV. Since its initial release, the tool has brought us many exciting features such as a wide range of playback formats, video preview, DirectShow merit system, completely customizable interface, and many more. KMPlayer’s latest stable version 3.8 was released recently with improved features and support.

KMPlayer is one of the world’s most popular and unique multimedia players that has users in 230+ countries and is supported in 36 languages. This tool has several names, but mostly labeled as KMPlayer or KMP. Because KMP has its own internal codec, the user has no need to install other types of codec. It offers an excellent multimedia playback experience supporting several video and audio formats along with various subtitles.

Improved Features:
  • User Interface
  • Defined player and Content services
  • Support playing J2J (Java-to-Java) method modulated files.
  • Drag & Drop files in Zip
  • Changed extended links at Window 8 & UAC
  • Added right Tab On/Off button
Fixed Issues:
  • Screen Black-out error in EVR C/A
  • SKIP from embedded AVI Reader in KMP
  • Bookmark functions
  • Removed the Grid-network
  • Screen-sizing issue, when skin has changed or shade screen is converted
  • IE problems, when the network is offline
Complete Features:
  • Functions - Image processing and resizing functions, Video and Image capture functions, Wallpaper viewing function, Speech processing function, Input/Output color face function, Frequency analysis & wavy pattern output function when playing music, Skin function, Subtitle function, Real-time Broadcast viewing function and Jog & Shuttle for language studying function/section repetition function.
  • Plugins – Winamp (General Purpose and Visualization), RealMedia and QuickTime
  • Integrated Codec+ information that can play any video and audio format
  • Can play damaged/incomplete AVI files
  • Supports live equipments like TV/Camera
  • Easy to use OSC (On-Screen Control)
  • Requires only 30MB of HDD space
  • Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000 with DirectX 9.0 or higher
KMPlayer 3.8 - User Interface

Mobile Version:

A free and stable mobile version of KMPlayer is available for Android and Apple devices which can be downloaded from their respective App stores. You can watch high resolution videos that don’t require separate encoding. A simple yet sleek interface with essential features is accessible. You can manage multimedia files on your mobile device easily like you did on your desktop.

KMPlayer 3.8 - Mobile Version

Overall, KMPlayer 3.8 is a decent version which includes the above listed features and you may receive the “Cloud KMP” feature ASAP, by which you can easily manage your media library files that were edited in Album Art and can be synchronized anytime, anywhere.